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MaxBulk Mailer | Frequently Asked Questions

MaxBulk Mailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

Frequently asked questions
Pre-sale questions
Will the registered version add promotional text to my messages? NO
What are the differences between Standard and Pro versions?
How many people can I send an email to at once?
Could a server detect I am using Maxbulk Mailer? NO
My ISP tells me they don't support MaxBulk Mailer, what can I do?
File compatibility between Windows and Mac OS
Where is MaxBulk Mailer Pro?
How to upgrade from Standard to Pro?
What is Ultimate Email Toolkit and where can I find it?
What is Ultimate Email Toolkit Plus and where can I find it? 
Does MaxBulk Mailer support Click-through tracking? YES
Does MaxBulk Mailer support double opt-in subscriptions & unsubscriptions? YES
How do I get my HTML message to display pictures? 
Sending an HTML message with embedded inline pictures (MHTML)
How can I add tables and remote pictures to my text message? 
How to avoid a message from being flagged as spam 
Analyzing SpamAssassin results
Why does my HTML email look different to the recipient than it does to me? 
Guidelines for using CSS in email newsletters
Email client HTML capability chart
What is the Text/HTML format
Importing recipients from a plain text file
Importing your contact list to MaxBulk
Importing recipients from an Excel sheet
Importing recipients from a FileMaker database
Recipients subscribe and unsubscribe handling by e-mail
Removing several e-mail addresses at once from a list (batch process)
"No undelivered recipients found" error
mySQL and postgreSQL import queries
How to find out whether port 25 is blocked by your ISP?
Using a different port number
Using your own mail server
Settings for AOL
Settings for AuthSMTP 
Settings for Amazon SES 
Settings for Earthlink
Settings for Comcast
Settings for Gmail
Settings for Hotmail (Live) 
Settings for GoDaddy
Settings for Yahoo! 
Settings for SBC Yahoo
Settings for Yahoo-Verizon
Settings for Yahoo-AT&T
Settings for Office365 
Settings for Apple MobileMe/iCloud 
Settings for Verizon
Settings for Bell Sympatico 
How does E-mail get delivered?
Are my lists visible to recipients?
What is the 'Singly' option for? 
How do I know who's read my e-mail and what links have been clicked on? 
MLM has been installed properly but no statistics are being registered. Why? 
Relaying denied / Delivery not allowed error (SMTP error 550, 553 and 554)
Insufficient System Storage error
Connection error #102 meaning
Connection error #103 meaning
Resuming a cancelled delivery
What mail server can I or should I use with MaxBulk Mailer? 
Using your own SMTP server, advantages and drawbacks
Understanding the Connection Log / SMTP protocol
Understanding the SMTP Response Codes
Frequent connection drops
Why does it take sometimes hours for an email to reach a recipient?
My message never arrives despite MaxBulk Mailer says it was delivered 
Why a message with attachments takes a lot of time to be sent?
Understanding Bounce E-mails and recommended actions
Sending a message through a server with a daily or an hourly delivery limit
Understanding the Delivery Report
Why is AOL returning so many bounces? 
Frequent crashes / MaxBulk doesn't start anymore - How to reinstall 
Resuming a delivery after a crash
How to create and publish your first newsletter
Recent Blog Posts & Tutorials

Other resources
  You can also check MaxBulk Mailer online manual and E-mail Glossary
  Online guide on how to create and publish your first newsletter
  Browse our Script Library for PHP or PERL solutions
  Visit MaxBulk Mailer forum and E-marketing forum
  Get help posting to the Forum (recommended) or opening a Support Ticket

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