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Important note:It is highly recommended to always try to use very last versions of our products before reporting errors. All last versions of our products are available here.

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Generic questions
How do I install Maxprog software on my computer?
How can I change an application language?
How to register the software I've just purchased?
How can I recover the serials I have lost of products I purchased here?
How can I recover my serial from a registered application?
How can I find out the product name and version my serial unlocks?
Where can I read your software License Agreement?
The software doesn't start, runs very slowly or crashes often, how comes?
Double-clicking on my files no longer opens them with the software, why?
If you want to make the most of the software that you have acquired at Maxprog, do not miss the Stan's Blog. It is a library of Tutorials and Tips covering specific features and tipical problems you may have when using our tools. This page is updated regularly depending on the topics discussed in our public forums and issues reported thru our HelpDesk. If you are interested on what we are currently working on (or want to participate in beta testings) don't miss the Stan's Logbook.
For years, MAX Programming has provided companies around the globe with sophisticated and innovative solutions. Our commitment to quality is not only evident in our products, but also in our people. It is our mission in Professional Support Services to ensure that our products perform to the fullest of their ability in order to meet the business objectives of our customers. We provide the tools and information required for improved productivity. To accomplish this, we offer an array of services including: Technical Support, Education Services and Consulting Services.

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