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How to register the software I've just purchased?

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How to register the software I've just purchased?

Right after purchasing a product on our store, your registration information is available on the 'Thanks for your purchase' page displayed to you after completing your order. In addition your registration information is also sent by e-mail to the address that you provided during your payment. Messages are sent by a fully-automated system so you should receive it usually within seconds or minutes of completing your payment. Depending on network conditions and in rare occasions it can take up to 2 hours for a message to reach its destination. Two messages are sent, the registration information and the order receipt. Both of them contain your registration information. If after two hours you still haven't received the registration information and did not see it on the 'Thanks for your purchase' page you can still recover it at anytime here.

The registration information contains a special and unique number you can use to unlock the demo version of the product you have purchased. This number is commonly called 'Registration Code', 'Reg. Code', 'Serial Number', 'Unlock code', 'Unlock Key', 'Activation code' or 'Activation Key'. They all mean the same. Activation codes are private and should not be shared. We automatically cancel the activation codes we find published or used by multiple users. Please read the License Agreement.

You must register the program so it knows you have paid. Here's how:

1. If you don't have the program yet, download it now taking care of choosing the platform you are willing to use the software with correctly, Macintosh or Windows.

2. Launch the file you have downloaded double-clicking on its icon. On the Macintosh you will mount a disk image. Then you just have to drag and drop the software folder to the 'Applications' folder. On Windows you will simply launch the software installer. On both cases you will end with the application installed into the computer applications folder. On the Macintosh you can access your applications through the Dock or opening the 'Applications' folder. On Windows the software is available from the Start menu as usual.

3. Launch the application and type or paste the Activation Key on the 'Activation key' field displayed on the the startup screen and click on the 'Register' button:


A new window should appear validating the serial number. Click on the 'OK' button to finish the registration process.


If you make an error entering the registration code or the version you are registering doesn't correspond to the activation key you will get the following:


The Activation Key field is case sensitive so you will not be able to use the program if the serial is not entered exactly as sent. All the Activation Keys we send work perfectly. If you can't make it work it's often a problem on your side, make sure that the registration code you use is for the right application but also for the right version, you can get that information here. Make sure that you enter correctly your registration code (exactly as it is given in the email) in the registration window, then click on the "Register" button. If a failure message appears again, check the registration information you entered carefully. If you really can't manage, please open a support ticket here accompanied with the registration email you received.

Be sure to save your Activation Key - you will need to enter it again when you move to a new machine or reinstall your system. Note that you can recover your activation keys at anytime here. You can also recover a serial from a registered application using the 'About <Application name>...' menu. You will get the following window:


Just click on 'Registered' and you will see the full activation key that was used to register that copy.

Activation codes are private and should not be shared. We automatically cancel the activation codes we find published or used by multiple users. Please read the License Agreement.

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