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iCash - Personal Finance | Frequently Asked Questions

iCash - Personal Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

Frequently asked questions
General concepts
Personal Finance Definition
How iCash applies currencies and rates?
Creating an account with a starting balance
Credit and Debit cards
Managing credit cards
How to handle porfolio accounts
Some of my accounts are not listed
Adding an Expense Transaction
Adding an Income Transaction
How to input loan transactions
Lending money
Double-entry VS single-entry
Add button remains disabled
Transaction Reconciliation
Transferring transactions between months or years
VAT handling
Importing text data to iCash
Starting new year with previous year accounts and categories
Why incomes are - and expenses +
iCash files compatibility between Windows and Mac OS
Frequent crashes / iCash doesn't start anymore - How to reinstall 
Recovering a damaged iCash file
Overview panel and reports are displaying wrong results
My Files have disapeared from the iCash File Manager, where is my data?
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Other resources
You can also check iCash online manual
Visit iCash forum and Personal Finance forum
Get help posting to the Forum (recommended) or opening a Support Ticket

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