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Mailing List manager, Paypal IPN, Click-Through Tracking

Mailing List Manager (MLM)
Maxprog Mailing List Manager (MLM for short) is a double opt-in list subscription manager and a message opening/click-through tracking PHP script you can install on your web site and start using in minutes. MLM supports a full set of commands you can use either directly with your web browser or with MaxBulk Mailer. MLM has no limitations, you can create as many lists as you wish with as many subscribers as you need and track the delivery of unlimited messages. Try the Mailing List Manager script now!

Click-Through Tracking script (Alternative to MLM but not as powerful!)
Sending messages to your customers through the internet is really great, no doubts, however you likely have asked yourself many times whether they are reading you or not? Click-Through tracking is all about that. It consists in gettings statistics about a campaign, how many recipients have openned your message and how many of them have clicked links to your page. Maxprog has created a very simple PHP script just to do that: The Click-Through tracking script (This script has been replaced by MLM above but you can still use it if you prefer!)

Simple Unsubscribe script (Alternative to MLM but not as powerful!)
There are times you have to send a message to a bunch of subscribers and need a very simple mechanism to allow them to unsubscribe from your list, something like a link on the message footer that will take the subscriber e-mail address and store it in some place so you can take it off your master list later. If you don't have time or enough knowledge to install a full subscription system, this script is for you: Simple Unsubscribe script (This script has been replaced by MLM above but you can still use it if you prefer!)

Automating your PayPal sales
One of the best systems to sell over the internet is without any doubts PayPal. What many people don't know is that you can fully automate your PayPal sales with a very simple PHP script. You can for example send a fully customized message back to the customer with info about its purchase, create and send invoices, log the transactions to create the reports you really need, redirect the customer to any place so he can get the digital goods he has purchased from you or even generate software user licenses and send them using an e-mail template. Have a look to our PayPal IPN script. It is really amazing!

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