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Click-Through Tracking PHP script

Click-Through Tracking PHP script

Click-Through is the act of clicking on a link, a banner or other ad, which takes the user through to the advertiser's Web site. Used as a counter point to impressions to judge the response-inducing power of the link. A click-through is registered whenever a viewer clicks on that link or banner ad. This measurement is important to determine whether an ad is successfully getting traffic. To determine the click-through rate, you have to divide the number of responses by the number of e-mails you have sent (multiply this number by 100 to express the result as a percentage).

This is a very simple PHP script (and an alternative to MLM) you can place on your server to start tracking click-through in seconds. It is called 'click.php'. Look at the readme file in order to know how it works. This script is really simple and easy to modify in order to include more features. Currently it tracks clicked URLs so you can know which ones has been clicked and how many times.

If you are using MaxBulk Mailer and you are looking for something more powerful, have a look at MLM.

This script is free for personal, non-profit and academic users as long as all copyright notices, and headers remain intact and unmodified in the source. Commercial users must register the script for a one time fee of $10 US:


See a demo: Click here! (It open the page and count the click)
See the click-through report
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