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Email opening and click-through tracking

Bulk email delivery statistics with MLM

Mailing List Manager PHP script
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Maxprog Mailing List Manager (MLM for short) is a double opt-in list subscription manager and a message opening/click-through tracking PHP script you can install on your web site and start using in minutes. MLM supports a full set of commands you can use either directly in your web browser or with MaxBulk Mailer. In addition a web interface allows you to log into MLM from your Desktop Computer, your iPad and your iPhone.


Unlike other products and depending on your possibilities and knowledge, MLM is prepared to work using either a mySQL database or simple raw text files. MLM has no limitations, you can create as many lists as you wish with as many subscribers as you need and track the delivery of unlimited messages. For medium to big lists and better security we recommend to use the mySQL option.

You can access the recipient lists managed by MLM with MaxBulk Mailer (v6 or higher) selecting 'Remote Lists' from the list manager pull-down menu located on the 'Recipients' panel. By selecting that option you can load any of your remote MLM lists and use them to send your message. No needs to go through the tedious and boring import/export steps.


Since MLM is always online and available your recipients are able to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves from your mailing lists at any time either through a one-click link on your message or through a web page on your site. MLM comes with several templates to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a fixed single list, a single list from a selection or multiple lists at once.

In addition MLM also allows you to track message opening and link click-through with the help of MaxBulk Mailer (v7 Pro or higher). You just need to activate click-through tracking and send your message with MaxBulk Mailer. Then you can follow all your recipients actions through the MaxBulk Mailer statistics window. MLM is indeed the ideal solution for getting information about your recipients behavior.


New paragraph Double opt-in

When a new subscriber asks to be subscribed to one of your mailing lists, a confirmation email is sent to him to verify if the email address is correct and if he actually asked to be subscribed to your list. We believe a person must not be added to a mailing list unless an explicit step is taken, such as clicking a special web link. This ensures that no person can subscribe someone else out of malice or error. You can go through the double opt-in process yourself using our demo with a valid email address (Don't worry, this list is not public and will not be used to send spam).

New paragraph Message opening and click-through tracking

Sending email to offer your services or products is great but unfortunately you have no idea about who actually opens and reads your message. MaxBulk Mailer Pro (7 or higher) with the help of MLM 2 now offers all the information you need in order to find out what happens to your message after it leaves your computer. All you have to do is to install the new MLM 2 to your server and activate the click-through and message opening tracking from MaxBulk Mailer preferences. All your messages will then include link click-through and opening tracking (note that opening tracking is not possible with plain text message). Send your message, then open the new statistics window and click on the delivery number on the left in order to follow your recipient's actions. It is that simple! You can now easily find out who has opened your message and who has clicked to which links. In addition you can also select an entry from any of your lists and click on the 'Get Info' button or select the 'Get Info' menu to know what messages were sent and what messages were opened by that recipient.

New paragraph Commands

All MLM commands can be issued through a Web Browser or through a one-click link on your email messages. Some of those commands are intended to be used by the subscribers and others by the administrator (you). A subscriber can get the list of available lists, subscribe to a list, unsubscribe from a list and find out which lists he is subscribed to. In addition the administrator can also create a list, remove a list, get the contents of one or several lists and get info about the server. Administrator commands are protected with a password. All supported commands are listed here.

New paragraph mySQL or raw text files

Depending on your needs, resources and expertise we offer you the possibility to use the script in two ways, storing lists and subscriber addresses to plain text files (default) or to a mySQL database. The benefit of using plain text files rather than a mySQL database is that you don't have to enter your mySQL settings yet it is not as secure. It is actually your only choice if you do not have access to mySQL on your server. The benefits of using a mySQL database rather than a plain text file are obvious to mySQL programmers, mySQL is faster, much more secure and it allows you to maintain much bigger lists. In addition, MLM includes a SQL queue so in case the mySQL database is not available to the user for whatever reason the system will continue to accept commands from your subscribers, will post notifications by email to the administrator (you) about the problem and will try to run the commands again later. When using plain text files and because it is extremely rare to get a failure, the system will simply returns the error to the subscriber in a nice formatted HTML page.

New paragraph Unlimited lists and subscribers

MLM has no limitations, you can create as many lists as you wish with as many subscribers as you need. A subscriber can subscribe to any of your lists. For medium to big lists we recommend to use the mySQL option.

New paragraph MaxBulk Mailer Integration

MLM has been designed with MaxBulk Mailer in mind. It actually fully integrates with MaxBulk Mailer (v6 or higher) through the 'Remote List' function allowing you to send messages to your remote lists directly as if they were local, without the need to go through the tedious and boring import/export steps. The 'Remote List' option is an entry available in the List Manager pull-down menu, just below 'Multiple Lists'. In addition MLM also allows you to track message opening and link click-through with the help of MaxBulk Mailer (v7 Pro or higher). You just need to activate click-through tracking and send your message with MaxBulk Mailer. Then you can follow all your recipients actions through the MaxBulk Mailer statistics window.

New paragraph Easy installation

MLM can be installed both manually or using MaxBulk Mailer (v7 or higher). With MaxBulk Mailer (v7 or higher) just select the 'MaxBulk Mailer > Install MLM…' menu. On the first panel you can enter your MLM settings, your user ID, password, installation type and so on. By clicking on the 'Next' button you can enter your FTP server information filling the different fields on screen, host address, user ID, password and so on. Once you are done with those two previous steps you can click again on the 'Next' button in order to connect to your server. Then select the destination folder or create a new one. Click on the 'Select' button after either selecting or opening a destination folder. MaxBulk Mailer will then install MLM on that folder for you. If you prefer to install MLM manually, don't worry, it is very simple. You just need to edit the settings file and upload the 'lm' folder to your server. For detailed information on the MLM manual installation and a list of supported commands please read the MLM User Guide.

New paragraph Availability

MLM comes in two flavours, Lite and Pro. The Lite version is free for personal, non-profit and academic users as long as all copyright notices, and headers remain intact and unmodified in the source. The Pro version is $10 only! It includes several exclusive features such as the possibility to upload lists to your server and it is the script which is being updated regularly. The Lite version can be downloaded clicking on the 'Download' button below. Commercial users must register the script purchasing the Pro version. Click on the buttons below to download the free Lite version or to purchase the Pro version:

MLM Pro is part of MaxBulk Mailer (v6 and higher)
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