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iCash - Money Manager | 多用途的macOS 和 Windows個人財務管理軟體

iCash - Money Manager

多用途的macOS 和 Windows個人財務管理軟體

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS
English Français Deutsch Español Italiano Nederlands Português Svenska 日本語 Русский 简体中文 [ 繁體中文 ] 한국어 العربية Polska Čeština Català

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New paragraph iCash 是個人財務管理軟體,用於記錄你的收支、借貸與銀行交易記錄, 簡單的建立你所需要的會計帳戶,然後錢在它們之間流動! 甚至無需知道會計知識也無需理會它, 良好的帳戶分類與組織讓你更清楚你的收支狀況.
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New paragraph iCash 是容易使用,多用途的Macintosh 和 Windows個人財務管理軟體, 適用於幫住你處理所有賬務的問題. iCash 能提供多種個人、俱樂部、社團、個體經營、自由職業、小企業、家庭的會計需要,用於記錄收支與銀行交易記錄情況. 在一分鐘之內簡單的點擊幾下就可以創建你的帳號然後開始記錄.

New paragraph iCash 是靈活,方便用戶使用.為此,它不使用複式記帳原則,無需會計知識就可使用. 簡單建立您所有的支出、收入、銀行帳戶.然後錢在它們之間流動! iCash 讓你收支情況一目了然.所有帳戶根據使用者定義類別和內置類型而組織.用條件過濾查詢、報表. iCash 還可以多帳套管理,因此在同一時間您可以管理俱樂部、社團、家庭的帳務.

New paragraph iCash 有以下版本 德文, 法文, 西班牙, 義大利, 瑞典, 俄文, 中文, 日文, 韓文, 荷蘭 葡萄牙文.

New paragraph iCash的當前版本為7.8.7 (發佈於2023-09-22). iCash已經獲得了534次好評,得分4.3星,總分5星!

今日優惠 - 以 84.95 $64.95 (-24%) 含稅優惠購買iCash。本次優惠將於後結束

   Currency  84.95

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New paragraph 自動檢測你使用的語言(如何為下列語言).
New paragraph 無需會計知識,無需複式記帳.
New paragraph 所有操作在一個版面中完成.簡單,方便,快捷
New paragraph 在你的Mac和PC之間共用你的帳簿文檔.
New paragraph 無限會計帳戶,類別和連絡人.
New paragraph 按類別和類型將會計帳戶邏輯分類.
New paragraph 多貨幣支援,與匯率管理.
New paragraph 交易對帳與自動平衡.
New paragraph 支援計畫與經常性交易記錄.
New paragraph 全能的自訂預算計算.
New paragraph 通過專案分類查詢與報表中的交易記錄.
New paragraph 預設的自訂報表.
New paragraph 高級的可保存定義查詢與統計.
New paragraph 通過會計帳號,交易類型,類別,盈虧帳目創建圖表.
New paragraph 快速導入,匯出類別會計帳號與交易記錄.(OFX, QIF, CSV)
New paragraph 功能強大的 SQL 資料庫引擎,確保資料安全.
New paragraph 密碼保護的多重文件介面.
New paragraph Mac OS與Windows原生版本

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iCash 7.8.7 (September 22, 2023)
Fix: The transactions rates no longer accepting decimals. Fix: Issue when trying to select accounts in the Split window. Fix: Issue with the 'File ▸ Open Recent ▸ Clear Menu' menu not clearing the menu.

iCash 7.8.6 (September 12, 2023)
Double-click on bank account in the browser now open the account edition panel. When editing a transaction group comment (aka 'Split') you can now select a previous comment from a list. SQL engine has been updated in order to enhance stability, speed and file security. New advanced preference entry to allow adding transactions with a duplicate tracking number. It is now possible to create a tax report for a given project. You can now enter/overwrite the transactions tracking number by clicking on the 'Tracking #' label. The Statistics panel now supports projects, it is now possible to get statistics for a given project. The Chart windows now supports projects, it is now possible to create a chart for a given project. When duplicating a group the date is now set to current month and year as with single transactions. The tracking number field number has been moved to the top right of the entry panel. The transaction entry panel 'Project' field now displays the projects ordered by date in descending order. In the transaction entry panel, Control-Click on 'Project' displays project alphabetically with access to the project editor. You can now sort transactions by tracking number in the Queries panel and transaction panel without pressing the Control or Option key. Clicking on the 'Tracking #' header while pressing the Control or Option key will sort the transaction by reconciliation status. Fix: Several interface fixes related to new 'Deductible expense' function. Fix: Several fixes related to regular/XML imports and 'Deductible expense' info. Fix: When duplicating a group the custom title is also copied. Fix: When duplicating a group the tracking number are now properly incremented. Fix: Several fixes related to panel splitter and splitter docking on main window. Fix: The currency rates can be updated thru the currency windows again. Fix: When selecting several transactions in the transaction panel, the SUM is now displayed as before. Fix: The bank account list listed in the the browser panel is now automatically updated when a bank is modified or created. Fix: 'Transaction type' field wrongly set by the auto-complete function in given occasions. Fix: VAT type set in the account panel is now populated when entering a new transaction with that account as the target. Fix: The Help text for transaction button on MS Windows has been removed and replaced by standard help tags. Fix: The report panel controls are now disabled when not usable. Fix: Inaccurate Balance in Account Statement report when selecting 'Current Quarter'.

iCash 7.8.5 (December 27, 2022)
It is now possible to set an expense transaction as deductible. It is now possible to set expense accounts as deductible so related transactions will auto-set as deductible. The toolbar icons have been colored to better distinguish them. The transaction entry panel buttons has been enhanced. The transaction entry panel has been updated and now uses different colors. SQL engine has been updated in order to enhance stability, speed and file security. Charts, new switch to show/hide starting and ending null values from chart. Charts, by default starting and ending null values are deactivated and not displayed in the chart. The transaction entry panel 'Project' field is now ordered by creation date. Alphabetical order is still available by right-clicking. Refund amount color is now blue as incomes, green color is now used for deductible expenses. Fix: Transaction split window issue when the vertical scrollbar was displayed. Fix: The 'Select all' function in the transaction window has been fixed. Fix: Deleting several transactions at once from the transaction panel is again possible. Fix: When swapping origin and target accounts in the transaction panel, the add and save buttons no longer get disabled. Fix: Budgets, when you clicked on a cell to edit an amount only part of the number was being selected. Fix: The transaction breakdown quantity field now behaves again as expected. Fix: When creating a new document from a previous one, nothing was imported on given occasions. Fix: When creating a new account, the account name field is filled with a previous account name on given occasions. Fix: A new document with a single 0.01 transaction now displays all the information properly all over the application. Fix: Reports, wrong balance displayed when selecting a date then selecting 'Today'. Fix: Tax type pull-down menu value not properly set when creating a new transaction using a taxed account. Fix: Tax type pull-down menu value not properly saved when modifying a transaction using a taxed account. Fix: Tax type pull-down menu value not properly set when selecting 'Automatic'. Fix: VAT was not re-calculated when duplicating a transaction and changing the transaction amount. Fix: Issue preventing the modification of the importing rules on the bank statement import window. Fix: Charts, 'Last 5 years' and 'Last 10 years' were displaying an unreadable horizontal legend. Fix: Charts, semester and quarter years are now properly displayed in the data list.

iCash 7.8.4 (August 11, 2021)
Fix: Linear chart's popup labels text is now centered again. Fix: Chart display problem in MS Windows version where only half year is shown. Fix: Read-only tax fields in given situations. Fix: Issue with transaction comment when importing transactions from a bank statement.

iCash 7.8.3 (July 1, 2021)
Fix: Query issues when searching for reconciled and flagged transactions. Fix: Query issues when searching for transactions with a given tax type. Fix: Issues when opening existing budgets and setting compare periods. Fix: The budget summary no longer displays a vertical scrollbar.

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