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iCash v7 - What's new?

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Here we are again with a new version of iCash! Again we have tried to cover the most important requests we have received in the recent months. We receive lots of them actually and we try hard to honor as many as possible. We are satisfied with the results, once again we managed to create an amazing iCash update for you. Yes, iCash 7 is finally ready and available for download on our web site.

With iCash v6 we introduced the transaction attachments, the split function, the scheduler preview, the tax editor and the possibility of importing bank statement. In new v7 we have added new features almost everywhere in the application like the possibility to flag transactions, the possibility to create account forecasts, to set bank account overdraw and card credit limits or to choose a default startup document. We have also added 4 icon sets for transactions and accounts. In addition we have enhanced many other existing features. The full list is right below. Enjoy!

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New paragraph New features

New paragraph Possibility to flag transactions
It is now possible to mark/flag transactions in any transaction list. To flag or un-flag a transaction you just need to click on its icon, no confirmation window will be displayed, the icon will simply be replaced with a red flag. You can then do queries and gather all flagged transactions together to see the total, print them or export them. Flags are saved to the document and will remain active until you decide to remove them. Indeed, we have added a menu that allows you to remove all the flags at once. This function is extremely handy and we are sure you will use it a lot. For example you can simply flag important transactions, transactions pending revue or perform a succession of queries, flag the relevant results and do a last query with the flagged transactions. Possibilities are endless. It is like if you were able to mark lines in a real accounting book and get all the marked transactions in a sheet a paper by pressing a button.

New paragraph Setting a default document
By default when you launch iCash the File manager is displayed. Then you select and open a document from that File manager. We have seen many cases where the user only uses one single document or the same document during months. After a while it becomes irritating to have to go through all those useless steps again and again. Why not opening the document directly? Well, problem resolved. You can now set a default document from the File Manager! It is as easy as selecting a document in the list and clicking on the toolbar Flag icon. The default document will then appear in boldface type in the list. Now, each time you launch iCash, that document will be automatically opened. Of course you can still display the File Manager from the Windows menu and change or unset the default document.

New paragraph Account Forecast
A couple of years ago we added the possibility to get the scheduled transactions listed in the Transactions panel. At that time it was a very popular request. However, after releasing the version with that new feature, many of you started to ask for something similar for the Account Statement report. The idea was to get a way to figure out how an account balance will evolved in the coming days or months. Some of you were calling that an 'Account forecast report'. We are pleased to announce that this feature is now a reality, iCash v7 now includes the scheduled transactions into your Account Statement reports. Those scheduled transactions are displayed with a different background to tell them apart easily. This feature can be turned off from the preference panel.

New paragraph Account overdraw limit
The account overdraw/credit limit can now be changed. In previous versions it was always set to zero and there were no way to change it. Now you can set it to any amount and you can also ask iCash to warn you when you are about to reach that limit. Indeed you can choose when to be warned selecting a percentage from a pull-down menu. For example if you set the overdraw limit to -1000 and the warning to 50% you will alerted as soon as you reach -500.

New paragraph 5 sets of icons
iCash now comes with 5 sets of icons including the ones you already know. Those icons are used everywhere, for transactions, accounts and contacts. By default a new set of icons is used but you can revert the change or use any other set from the iCash preferences. We took advantage of that change to make some adjustments. Indeed Portfolio accounts are now identified with a purple icon and Equity/Startup accounts with a yellow icon. In addition bank transfers are now identified with a gray icon, asset purchases with a green icon, debt repayments and equity transactions with a yellow icon and finally the portfolio transactions with a purple icon.

New paragraph iCash is now a bit more customizable
Yes, on every new version we try to make things more and more customizable. This time more things can be changed to suit your needs. Indeed account types can now be fully renamed, account types comment and category comments can be changed. Even contact types can be renamed as well! You can use the transaction multiple edit to remove transaction types from transactions, you can deactivate as many projects as you need without limits and most export windows let you select a different encoding. If you own a Mac you can even create new contacts by dragging and dropping Address Book entries directly. You can now add scheduled transactions and force iCash to add them the last day of the month. The scheduler preview can be customized to show each transaction individually or grouped by day or by month. There are even more enhancements of this kind, read the list below.

New paragraph Enhancements

New paragraph When selecting transactions in the transaction panel, the total of the selection is now displayed next to the transaction IDs.
New paragraph It is now possible to get statistics per category in addition to per account.
New paragraph The Overview panel now displays the number of transactions accounts are used in.
New paragraph The Profit and Loss Statement and the Profit and Loss Summary reports now include the Liability accounts.
New paragraph Budgets now include the 'Liabilities' accounts in addition to Incomes and Expenses.
New paragraph The Startup type (aka Equity) is now visible and listed in the Overview panel.
New paragraph Reports can now be exported to HTML in addition to Excel and Plain Text.
New paragraph It is now possible to create backups with scheduled transactions deactivated, ideal for archiving documents.
New paragraph The Favorites now offers 'Project' support.
New paragraph New [Last Year] and [Last Month] tags added to all comment pull-down menus (Transaction, Scheduler and Favorites windows).

New paragraph Changes
New paragraph It is now possible to get an account statement report for any account from the Overview contextual menu.
New paragraph The scheduler preview chart no longer gets inverted when changing the sort direction.

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iCash is a software intended to control your personal finance, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move money between them! You don't even need to know about accounting or even care about it! Your finances depends largely on good organization that lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes.

iCash is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose Personal Finance Manager tool for macOS and Windows intended to help you control all kinds of money issues. iCash can serve several small accounting needs for either private users, or clubs, associations, self-employed, small businesses or simply to be used at home, making keeping track of incomes, expenses and Banks transactions a snap.

With a few clicks you can begin creating accounts and making transactions in minutes. iCash is versatil and user-friendly. For this reason it doesn't use the principle of double-entry bookkeeping making it much easier to be used by people with very little or no accounting knowledge at all.

Simply create accounts for all your expenses, incomes, Banks... and start moving money between them! iCash will then allow you to find out where all your money comes from and where it goes. All accounts are well organized according to user-defined categories and built-in types so reports can be tailored to include all records or only ones meeting specified criteria.

Cash also allows you to have as many money manager documents as necessary so you can control almost anything from Clubs, associations, home and so on at the same time.

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