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MaxBulk Mailer™ | 對於macOS和Windows電子郵件群發軟件

MaxBulk Mailer™


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MaxBulk Mailer

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如果你的企業需要聯絡大量的客戶或其他連絡人, MaxBulk Mailer 能夠幫你節省大量的時間!

   Currency  70.00

New paragraph 電子郵件行銷在世界上非常流行,因為其高效率、快速與低成本. 如果你想介紹與銷售你的產品或服務,最好的途徑是使用郵件聯絡你的目標客戶. 有針對性的發郵件無疑是最有效的. 如果你能直接通過郵件介紹你的產品與服務給你感興趣的客戶, 這將讓你的企業更多成功的機會.
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New paragraph Maxprog 為你開發了終極的郵件行銷軟體. MaxBulk Mailer 是一個批量郵件反射軟體,它容許你設計和發送具有專業外觀的郵件給你的客戶且花費極低的成本.

New paragraph 從Maxprog軟體工具作為突破口增加你的利潤、增強你的客戶服務與發送資訊到新的市場.你將觸及你資料庫中的客戶不用擔心整合與相容問題.

New paragraph MaxBulk Mailer 是一個全能的Macintosh與Windows批量發送郵件與郵件合併工具,用於發送定制資訊、價格清單和其他各種各樣文本與超文字文檔給你的客戶. MaxBulk Mailer 快速、完全可定制、容易使用. MaxBulk Mailer 能處理純文字 截屏.

New paragraph 用 MaxBulk Mailer 你可以撰寫、管理與發送你自己強大的個性化郵件行銷資訊給你的客戶與潛在客戶. MaxBulk Mailer 是秩序購買一次的軟體,而無需為每次發送郵件支付費用.

New paragraph 現在讓你的促銷用超文字郵件從你的螢幕跳出來! MaxBulk Mailer 超文字容許你包含突破,字體,顏色將你的資料調成專業的線上手冊.在 如何撰寫與發佈你的第一份郵件看我們的教程.

New paragraph MaxBulk Mailer 有以下版本英文, 德文, 法文, 西班牙, 義大利, 瑞典, 俄文, 中文, 日文, 韓文, 荷蘭文 and 葡萄牙文

New paragraph MaxBulk Mailer的當前版本為8.7.3. MaxBulk Mailer已經獲得了231次好評,得分4.0星,總分5星!

今日優惠 - 以 70.00 $59.99 (-15%) 含稅優惠購買MaxBulk Mailer。本次優惠將於後結束

   Currency  70.00

Full star Full star Full star 停止按下!閱讀 MaxBulk Mailer 評論者指南 Full star Full star Full star
New paragraph 自動檢測你使用的語言(如何為下列語言).
New paragraph 發送 文本/超文字 總能顯示正確的格式.
New paragraph 郵件文本與地址清單支援拖放.
New paragraph 容易使用的導入/匯出地址清單檔案功能.
New paragraph 強大的分析器與檢查重複功能,也支援剪貼板.
New paragraph 強大的文本排版工具.
New paragraph 預覽功能可以讓你發送前看到文檔外觀.
New paragraph 全面支援多國語言 (40 種不同編碼).
New paragraph 容易定制的多郵件帳戶.
New paragraph 支援遠端列表管理(MLM)與全域黑名單. NEW
New paragraph 支援附件(Base64, UUEncode, BinHex, ...).
New paragraph 完整的 SMTP/POP 連接日誌.
New paragraph 全面支持 POP, APOP 和 ESMTP 驗證.
New paragraph 能根據分組、標籤一次全部發送.
New paragraph 為郵件合併定制標籤
New paragraph 定時發送郵件.

New paragraph 支援樣式文本 - 粗體, 斜體, 底線, 顏色, 字體...
New paragraph 根據在選項的標籤值決定資訊內容.
New paragraph 為高級郵件合併定制20個標籤.
New paragraph 在標題處理標籤.
New paragraph 13個日期格式標籤,長日期格式,短日期格式,日期簡寫...
New paragraph 快速在收件人列表中選中與取消選擇.
New paragraph 直接在Filemaker(Mac OS)提取收件人地址.
New paragraph 完全支持 Applescript (Mac OS).
New paragraph 超連結管理. 只須按一下就可以插入文本與超文字連結標籤.
New paragraph 完全支援 mySQL、postgreSQL資料庫 和 OBDC資料來源 .
New paragraph 支援 SSL 連接. 支援 DKIM. NEW
New paragraph 同時使用幾個伺服器.
New paragraph 支持抄送和密送.
New paragraph 通過點擊打開資訊內容. NEW
New paragraph 隨機詞. 隨機詞語編輯器. NEW

MaxBulk Mailer


我花費整個月的時間下載、測試與比較很多群發郵件軟體. 我甚至嘗試調試我們的G5到專用的郵寄清單.
最後決定選用這個非常棒的軟體只因為一個原因: 功能強大! – Zane


Last releases English See More

MaxBulk Mailer Pro
MaxBulk Mailer Pro 8.7.3 (July 21, 2020)
Gmail OAuth2 authentication scheme support. Markdown format is now supported. MaxBulk Mailer follows the 0.29 specification (https://spec.commonmark.org/0.29/) Base64 Encoding function: {Encode Base64:TEXT_OR_TAG_HERE}. Encode text/tag into Base64. Rot13 Encoding function: {Encode Rot13:TEXT_OR_TAG_HERE}. Encode text/tag into Rot13. Mask function: {Encode Mask:TEXT_OR_TAG_HERE. Mask all the text/tag with *. Hex Encoding function: {Encode Hex:TEXT_OR_TAG_HERE}. Encode text/tag into hexadecimal. URL Encoding function: {Encode URL:URL_OR_TAG_HERE}. Encode URL parameters. The default and only available encoding for text, styled text and markdown messages is now UTF-8. Fix: The HTML editor again supports file drops. Fix: Import from Address Book now works again, access authorization displayed when needed. Fix: Several MLM fixes.

MaxBulk Mailer Pro
MaxBulk Mailer Pro 8.7.2 (December 16, 2019)
MaxBulk Mailer now uses native internet sockets. MLM has been updated to support last PHP version 7.2. It is now possible to rate and review the application. DKIM check has been deactivated on the App Store version (MaxBulk Mailer SE). Fix: Error 102 when connecting to MLM in given occasions. Fix: Window no longer placed on top after a file drop on MS Window. Fix: DKIM is now supported again in the App Store version (MaxBulk Mailer SE). Fix: The version update system has been fixed, an issue was preventing the download to finish properly.

MaxBulk Mailer Pro
MaxBulk Mailer Pro 8.7.1 (September 17, 2019)
The new HTML editor now shows indent guide lines. The new HTML editor now supports block outdent and block indent. Word/line wrap has been activated on the new HTML editor. File Drag and drop to the new HTML editor is now supported. MacOS Disk image now comes signed and notarized by Apple in order to pass through Catalina Gatekeeper checks. Fix: Issue when typing tabs in the new HTML editor. Fix: Several issues with the new HTML editor Find/Replace embedded dialog. Fix: Issue when importing recipient list in csv format when a field contains a comma. Fix: HTML editor not automatically focused when selecting the format or opening a document with this format as default.

MaxBulk Mailer Pro
MaxBulk Mailer Pro 8.7 (June 10, 2019)
We have embedded Ace, an HTML editor with Syntax highlighting (https://ace.c9.io) into MaxBulk Mailer. Message formats no longer share text fields. The Web Page format now offers an alternative text field. It is now possible to delete all the attachments from the list. It is now possible to activate/deactivate attachments. Deactivated attachments are not sent. The Preview 'Show Source code' feature now shows the code with Syntax highlighting. Fix: Preview text size in now 14px if no font size has been set. Fix: An encoding mismatch error was sometimes displayed per error before delivery or when previewing. Fix: Line breaks not properly rendered in preview when using the Plain Text format.

MaxBulk Mailer Pro
MaxBulk Mailer Pro 8.6.9 (November 21, 2018)
The statistics pie chart is now 3D. New confirmation windows added for DKIM validation. Help added to the DKIM Window. New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Get license info, Register and Unregister. New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to see the User License Agreement. New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Reset the app settings to factory default. New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Copy the current serial. New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Renew the Update Plan.

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MaxBulk Mailer (MaxBulk邮件发送器)是一款支持 macOS 和 Windows的全功能邮件群发和邮件合并软件,让您能够给客户或联系人发送定制新闻稿、价目表、新闻通讯以及各类文本或 HTML 文档。MaxBulk Mailer 快捷,易用,可完全定制。MaxBulk Mailer可处理纯文本、HTML 和富文本文档,并全面支持附件。凭借 MaxBulk Mailer,您能够针对客户和潜在客户,创建、管理和发送效果卓著的个性化营销邮件。归功于其高级邮件合并与条件功能,您能够发送高度定制邮件,从而获得最佳宣传效果。您还将拥有国际字符支持,称手的帐户管理器及对各类身份认证方案(包括 SSL)的支持,面面俱到的名单管理器,以及支持从诸多来源导入,包括从远程 mySQL 和 postgreSQL 数据库。MaxBulk Mailer 是一款您只要购买一次,无需向发送服务按邮件量付费的软件工具。

   Currency  70.00

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