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MaxBulk Mailer v8 - What's new?

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In this new version we have tried to cover the most important requests we have received in the recent months. When it comes to the task of creating and releasing a new MaxBulk Mailer version we are always overwhelmed by the amazing amount of feedback we collected from customers. We are really satisfied and exited about that. Once again we managed to create an amazing MaxBulk Mailer update for you. MaxBulk Mailer 8 is finally ready and available for download on our web site.

Previous v7 was a release that, among over things, introduced click-through tracking and the crash recovery system. New v8 goes a step further offering lots of great enhancements to existing features, a whole new Quick Selector and a Web Interface for MLM! Well, a lot of new stuff as a result of a lot of work here at the Maxprog office. The full list is available below. Enjoy!

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New paragraph New features

New paragraph New Quick Selector (Pro Only)
The Quick Selector was introduced in december 2004 as a very simple way to get recipients activated or selected depending on a given criteria. It was great but as said, it only allowed to select one action and one single criteria at once. We decided to maintain that 2004 Quick Selector as it may be enough on many situations but we have added a new one, and the new one lets you set as many criteria and actions as you need with no limits! For example this feature is perfect for creating a complex selection in order to send a message to a set of recipients, first you use the Quick Selector to create your selection and once done you just need to use the 'Delivery > Send To Selection' menu. The new Quick Selector is available from the recipients 'Tool' button and the new '…' button on old Quick Selector.


New paragraph Tags with alternative text
We love that new feature a lot because it is really clever, quite hard to develop but amazingly handy and user friendly. I wonder why we did not add it sooner. Tags are pieces of text you can add to your message from the recipient list. Every single list column has its tag with the same name, you can rename if you wish. For example we have the [Firstname] tag that will insert the recipient first name into the message. The problem comes when the data is missing, in that case, no first name! If your message begin with for example 'Dear [Firstname],' you would end with 'Dear,'. Well, we have fixed that problem by adding the possibility to add some alternative text directly into the tag. In the example above we could use [Firstname|Friend]. 'Friend' will be used if 'Firstname' is empty. That's simple! No need to use complex conditional statements as before, just the tag including '|' and the alternative text right after.


New paragraph Blacklisting domains or given names
The blacklist was a great addition but what if you want to blacklist all the addresses from a given domain or all the addresses with a given name? Well, now you can do it. You can perfectly add '@mydomain.com' or 'postmaster@' to the blacklist. The former will blacklist absolutely all the addresses belonging to the 'mydomain.com' domain and the latter all the 'postmaster' addresses from any domain. Now it is really easy to mass blacklist addresses based on the name or the domain. Note that wildcards '*' are not accepted since '*' is a valid character in an email address.


New paragraph MLM now has a Web interface
MLM no longer displays an error string when you call it directly with your web browser, it now displays a login screen! Perhaps you did not know that you could browse to MLM with a web browser, anyway with previous v2 that was limited to running commands adding parameters to the MLM url. You can still run commands as before but if no command is detected a login screen will be displayed. If you log in with you MLM User ID and Password you will be able to access lists and statistics. We designed that new interface to work not only with web browsers but also with the iPhone and the iPad! You got it, you can now edit your lists or look at your statistics wherever you are. The system allows you to add, delete, edit and find recipients, create and upload lists, display and remove statistics. By the way, we have added Czech to the MLM supported languages. You can now offer all MLM services to you subscribers in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Czech.


New paragraph New redesigned Hyperlink Manager
We have finally decided to trash the Hyperlink Manager and design a new one. It is now cleaner, easier to use and much more user-friendly. We took advantage of that new design to add a new column to the list in order to store a separate id. With previous version the hyperlink id and the alternative text was the same thing. As a result it was impossible to use the same text for different links. Now you can do that, the id will be use in tags to identify the hyperlink so you can use the same text again and again with no conflict. That was a very popular request. In addition, when saving a document used Hyperlink Manager links are now saved as well. If you send your document to a friend, links will be added to its Hyperlink Manager automatically. No more orphan link tags!


New paragraph Searching and deleting recipients from several local lists at once
This is a very popular request. We have added the possibility to both search and delete recipients from several or all lists at once. To delete a recipient from all your local lists just proceed as usual. You will just found out that the confirmation window has been modified and allows you to select whether you want to remove the address(es) from the local list or from all lists. The same happens for searching, the search window now lets you select where to search, the selected list, a given local list or all lists. Searching in the selected list works as usual. Searching in the other lists will display a new window with the results grouped per list. Double-clicking a line will take you to the entry in the list it belongs.


New paragraph Important enhancements to the Statistics and MLM support
We have worked a lot on the MLM script and its integration with MaxBulk Mailer. It is now possible to add more than one MLM URL in the preferences. Actually the preference panel remembers all the MLM settings you use and lets you select them whenever you want. It is also possible to delete recipients from remote MLM lists right from MaxBulk Mailer. In the statistics window the deliveries on the left list are now grouped by similar consecutive subjects, as a result it is easier to select several similar deliveries at once. Actually, most of the time they belong to the same campaign. You can of course expand the folder and select deliveries individually as before. Something similar has been applied to the statistics themselves, instead of listing all the traffic as is, we have decided to gather duplicates together. You can see how many time the same action has happened and you can expand the entry to see them. Finally we have added a 'Settings' panel that allows you to change the auto-update interval, the export to HTML has been enhanced and an alert is now displayed when you are about to send a message and click-through tracking has been deactivated.


New paragraph Easier access to connection logs
Connection logs contain the whole communication transcript between MaxBulk Mailer and the server including errors and the delivery report. It is a very important piece of information in order to track problems. MaxBulk Mailer saves all the connection logs to your hard drive but did not provide an easy access to them. That's not a problem anymore, you can now access all your connection logs from the delivery panel. Just click on the disclosure triangle on the left, you will get a new panel with all the connection logs properly listed and sorted by date. Clicking on any of them will display it below.


New paragraph Enhancements
- It is now possible to use the Import function to update an existing list or overwrite existing entries with new ones.
- The Import Window now allows the user to rename the columns/tags using the file first line.
- The Import error window now lets you export, print and retry an import after modifying the address(es) in the list.
- The History window now allows the user to Refresh, Print and Export the list. It also allows to delete deliveries.
- Subscribe batch process now supported both through the batch process window and by dropping a file labeled 'SUBSCRIBE' to a list.
- Export preset support. It is now possible to save Export settings and reuse them later. Selection is recorded and restored.
- Import from the Address Book preset support. It is now possible to save those settings and reuse them later.
- MaxBulk Mailer now displays an alert when the server rejects a message because of spam filtering.
- MaxBulk Mailer now displays an alert when the server rejects a message because it has detected a virus.

New paragraph Changes

- Blacklisting confirmation window is now different from the deletion confirmation window to avoid confusions.
- A Warning window is now displayed when a message is about to be sent with MLM installed but click-through is Off.

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September 30, 2020


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