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Bulk Email Software

MaxBulk Mailer

MaxBulk Mailer is a bulk mailer and e-mailmerge tool for Macintosh and Windows that allows you to send out customized press releases, price lists or any kind of text or HTML messages to your customers. Product Page | Download

eMail Extractor

eMail extractor is a tool for extracting e-mail addresses from all kind of sources like your local files, web pages or the clipboard in order to create highly targeted and legitimate bulk e-mail lists. Product Page | Download

eMail Verifier

eMail Verifier is a tool for verifying e-mail addresses. It can verify both single e-mail addresses and lists allowing you to determine 70-80% of "dead" e-mail addresses. Product Page | Download

eMail Bounce Handler

eMail Bounce Handler is a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce e-mails, electronic mail that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Product Page | Download

Personal Finance Software


iCash is a software for controling your personal finance. No needs to know about accounting or even care about it! iCash lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes with just a few clicks. Product Page | Download

Loan Calc

Loan Calc is a tool for calculating loans and mortgages repayments. Loan Calc calculates repayments amount, monthly and total interest, total repayments and generates a full repayment list. Product Page | Download

Internet Tools

Web Dumper

Web Dumper lets you download entire web sites off of the Internet, and save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded web sites are saved to your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Product Page | Download

FTP Disk

FTP Disk is a powerful FTP client software that allows you to connect to FTP servers, navigate thru directories, create files and folders, download and upload files, modify text files with its built-in editor, preview pictures, change permissions... Product Page | Download

All Maxprog products require macOS 10.9.5 or higher / Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher

Our catalogue also includes a small repository of php scripts for Mailing List Handling, Click-Through Tracking, Mailing List Unsubscribe Handling and PayPal Payment Processing (IPN). Feel free to try them!

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