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When selecting several transactions the input panel is now reseted and cleared. When on the transaction input day field and pressing the space bar, the focus is now moved to the amount field. The transaction amount field now responds to the up and down arrows to navigate thru last transactions. The transaction input day field no longer supports the Ctrl+space/Cmd+Space shortcut. Feature moved the the amount field. When changing the working account on the top-left of the transaction panel, the input fields are now reseted and cleared. The transaction comment field menu now includes previously used comments for same accounts and payee. By right-clicking on the transaction comment field right menu arrow, you now get previously used comments for same accounts ignoring the payee. The 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A) when on the Transaction list is now instantaneous. The 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A) when on the Queries list is now instantaneous. Fix: Document window height was limited to available height minus 100 pixels. Fix: The transaction type, origin account and target account comment lines now display the '&' character properly when present. Fix: Difficulties when trying to select part of the text inside combo boxes in the transaction input panel. Fix: All combo boxes now respond properly to the 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A). Fix: Tracking number not incremented when inputing a transaction by payee and autocompletion. Fix: The transaction payee field now properly autocompletes even when typing accentuated characters. Fix: The transaction bulk edition window payee field now properly autocompletes. Fix: Several interface aesthetics fixes. Fix: A space character added by the system after selecting a transaction, double-clicking on the amount field and entering a new number. Fix: Combo boxes still showing previous menu choices even when all the text has been deleted. Fix: The transaction input combo field menus not displaying the '&' characters properly when present. Fix: When a transaction completes, the comment field not always set to the last used comment for same accounts and payee. Fix: Project not set from favorites on given occasions. Fix: Budget type and category totals on list multiplied by 12 when comparing with a period smaller than a year. Fix: Budget type and category totals reseted to yearly when comparison has been deactivated. Fix: Scheduler adding 1 more transaction when selecting a given number of transactions. Fix: Scheduler displaying wrong 'Last Transaction' when scheduling by number. Fix: Scheduler displaying wrong 'Next Transaction' when scheduling by number and opening a saved entry. Fix: Formatting display problem on the Overview panel when mixing currencies and changing format for default currency. Fix: Several interface aesthetics fixes on MS Windows version.


Note that we prefer not to talk about products that don't officially exist or features that have not been implemented yet except to our Alpha and Beta testers. A product or feature officially exists once it has been advertised on this site. That includes new products, products ported to new platforms, new relevant features and upcoming updates. A new product or feature is somewhat secret until release because we do not want you to feel cheated or disappointed. Indeed we may fail or fall behind schedule due to unforeseen difficulties.

We always listen to our customers thru the comments added to this page, the public forums and the support help desk, we take note of absolutely all feature requests and bug reports. We may give an opinion but that's all, we very rarely engage ourselves to develop stuff on demand or deliver regular updates.

We also maintain a Log Book with public information about ongoing projects and feature developments waiting for your comments.

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