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KEYS [New] New Feature
[Opt] Optimization
[Fix] Bug Fix
[Chg] Changes Previous Functionality
[Upg] Enhancement

New paragraph October 22, 2002            

New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Extractor 1.6 release

What's new:

[New] Custom rules editor.
[New] Bad mail output file can be set to include detailed error msgs.
[New] Definable e-mail length checking.
[Chg] E-mail name part extraction on HTML files.
[Chg] Important e-mail parser improvements.
[Chg] Enhanced process window with drag and drop support.
[Chg] File queue now includes individual process stats.
[Chg] App quits once done after a Fider drop.
[Fix] Numeric e-mails setting now works properly.
[Fix] "|" char handled properly.
[Fix] Remaining quoted printable =3D (CR) removed by default.

New paragraph September 18, 2002

New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Verifier 1.1.1 release

What's new:

[Opt] eMail Verifier for Classic speed enhancements.
[Chg] Main window can be maximized to full screen size.
[Chg] Several interface update to adhere to Jaguar requirements.
[Upg] Several SMTP error handlers added.

New paragraph September 17, 2002

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 2.7 release

What's new:

[New] SMTP server port support in the form [smtp.domain.com:port]
[Chg] Whole interface enhancements.
[Chg] default new document size changed depending on screen size.
[Chg] Delivery report now also shows selected entries number.
[Chg] Recipients list no longer disapears during batch removing.
[Upg] New error 503 'Bad sequence of commands' handler.
[Fix] 'To' header encoding format fix.
[Fix] Delivery report total sent mail sometimes not accurate.
[Fix] 'To' header, Name not correctly quoted when surname exists.
[Fix] 'To' header, extra quotes when no name nor surname.
[Fix] Subject font type and size do not always match preferences.

New paragraph September 3, 2002

New paragraph UPDATE: Web Dumper 1.6 release

What's new:

[New] HTTP Proxy support.
[Upg] Better anchors management.
[Upg] 'BASE HREF' tag better support.
[Upg] 'HREF' better support.
[Upg] 'Chunked' transfert encoding marks removed properly.
[Upg] Better relink. Post linker fully rewritten.
[Upg] Better HTTP status code handler.
[Fix] Link history out of bound exception when loading links with CRs.

New paragraph June 19, 2002

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 2.6.2 release

What's new:

[New] Mac OS X doc about using MaxBulk with built-in SMTP server.
[Upg] Threaded messages delivery and attachments sending. (faster)
[Upg] Socket buffer control when sending data to prevent overflows.
[Upg] File opening shows a progress dialog.
[Upg] Sockets time-out control with auto re-connection.
[Upg] Delivery report can be sent to a custom address.
[Upg] New pref. entry to extract recipient's name from address or not.
[Upg] Some little enhancements to the delivery report.
[Chg] All fields are now protected when pasting multiple text lines.
[Chg] 'Reply-To' and 'X-Priority' headers added to mail preview.
[Chg] Tabs are now replaced by a fixed amount of spaces in preview.
[Chg] Delivery report now always output to the console.
[Fix] Cancelling file saving show a wrong file locked dialog.
[Fix] 'Errors-To' header typo fixed.
[Fix] Conditional statement button always enable.
[Fix] Recipient replace function reviewed.
[Fix] HTML Preview now diplays accentuated characters properly.
[Fix] All localized tags has been rewrote without accentuated characters.
[Fix] Connection loop on sending report with error 10x.
[Fix] Styled text uselessly encoded when sending report delivery.
[Fix] Quoted 'To' header for Claris Emailer compatibility with ISO chars.
[Fix] Company field always uppercased despite titlecase pref. unchecked.
[Fix] E-mail address tag not removed when tag processing unchecked.
[Fix] Recipient data properly updated when editing directly on list.

New paragraph

June 17, 2002


New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Verifier 1.1 release - BOTH MAC OS CLASSIC & MAC OS X VERSIONS

What's new:

[New] Verifier is now Mac OS Classic compatible.
[New] Preferences panel. Almost everything can be set:
   - Bandwidth
   - Threads from 1 to 10
   - Connection Time-out from 10s to 60s
   - Retries from 1 to 10
   - UserID for 'HELO' command
   - MX Lookup system
   - RCPT on VRFY failure
   - Sender e-mail for RCPT test
[New] Support for Mac OS X Address Book address drops.
[New] Support for Entourge '.VCF' file drops.
[New] Internal MX look-up system.
[New] RCPT command sent when VRFY unimplemented.
[New] Lookup get all MX records and sort them by preferences.
[New] Different MX server used on retry (when available).
[New] Each verifier connection batch verify all addresses with the same domain.
[New] Status bar shows progress and retries.
[Upg] New SMTP errors handlers when VRFY command not available.
[Upg] 550 SMTP error enhanced handler.
[Upg] Better time-out management. General application time-out.
[Upg] Multiple file drop support.
[Upg] Status field updated according to process.
[Upg] Domain sorting progress.
[Upg] Drag'n'drop supported between list and single entry.
[Upg] List entries can be removed with the delete key.
[Upg] New application icon.
[Fix] Double SMTP commands sent on 550 error.

New paragraph

May 28, 2002


New paragraph UPDATE: Loan Calc 1.5.1 release

What's new:

[Upg] Interface enhancements.

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