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KEYS [New] New Feature
[Opt] Optimization
[Fix] Bug Fix
[Chg] Changes Previous Functionality
[Upg] Enhancement

New paragraph December 27, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 3.0.4

What's new:

[Upg] Transaction auto-complete based on Payee/Issuing.
[Upg] OFX import, support for Credit Card transactions.
[Upg] When creating a document using another file, currencies are now copied.
[Upg] When creating a document using another file, contacts are now copied.
[Upg] When creating a document using another file, favorites are now copied.
[Upg] When creating a document using another file, scheduled transactions are now copied.
[Upg] Support for international amount formats when importing from text.
[Upg] Transaction text export now includes Payee/issuing.
[Upg] Transaction text import now includes Payee/issuing.
[Fix] Transaction text import no longer includes formatting.
[Fix] Files no longer giving problems where double-clicked from the Dock.
[Fix] Exporting transactions part of a group null amounts.

New paragraph December 13, 2005
MS Windows
New paragraph UPDATE: Web Dumper 2.3.1

What's new:

[Upg] MPEG-2 Audio File (aac & ac) added to map
[Upg] MPEG-4 Audio File (m4a) added to map
[Upg] C++ Header File (hh) added to map
[Upg] C++ Source File (cc) added to map
[Fix] Long Filenames again handled in Mac OS X and Windows.
[Fix] Creator and type again applied for given files in Mac OS X.

New paragraph December 11, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 3.0.3

What's new:

[Fix] Transaction no longer fetched twice when switching to the transaction panel.
[Fix] The activate/deactivate checkbox on account manager works again.
[Fix] Transaction duplicate now also works with a grouped transaction.
[Fix] Recurrent scheduled transaction not added when no end date.
[Fix] Data checking tool worsening balance offsets rather than fixing them.
[Fix] Scheduled transactions comment encoding issue.

New paragraph December 1, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 3.0.2

What's new:

[Chg] When selecting a Bank on top pull-down menu, transaction origin account is automatically set to it.
[Upg] 'Check Data' tool can perform a full transaction rebuild pressing Control key.
[Fix] OFX import on non-US system amount not properly imported.
[Fix] P&L grand total inverted.

New paragraph November 16, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 3.0.1

What's new:

[Upg] Every 2 weeks period added to scheduler.
[Fix] QIF import number parser used with splits as well.
[Fix] Account statement now display negative values for expenses accounts.
[Fix] Account statement now display positive values for income accounts.
[Fix] A rate of 1 will be used rather than 0 when no rate has been entered.
[Fix] Chart Y-axe legend now displays rounded aesthetic values.
[Fix] Scheduler not run on given situations.

New paragraph November 15, 2005
MS Windows
New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Bounce Handler 2.2 release

What's new:

[Upg] You can now deactivate message size checking.
[Upg] Message size checking size is now editable.
[Upg] Message size limit set to 25000 bytes.
[Fix] POP over SSL better command/response synchronization.
[Fix] Mailbox pointer not properly restored in given conditions.

New paragraph November 8, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 3.0

What's new: (Detailed list available here)

[New] Multiple currencies support.
[New] Scheduled and recurring Transactions support.
[New] Project support.
[New] OFX/QFX import support.
[New] Account and categories can now be created directly from the Overview panel.
[New] Payee column in Transaction and Query lists.
[New] Auto-backup performed regularly on opening and closing documents.
[New] Document status bar is now clickable and displays different type of info on each click.
[Upg] Transaction panel now includes an auto-reconcile checkbox.
[Upg] Document indicates if "Locked" or "Read only".
[Upg] Transaction panel Bank account selector.
[Upg] Profit and Loss report now includes categories and accounts ratios.
[Upg] Balance panel transaction breakdown can be set to display unreconciled or reconciled transactions.
[Chg] Account panel has been removed and placed in a separate window.
[Opt] Data Checking tool is now much faster.
[Fix] Support for QIF imports with 'exotic' date and number formats.
[Fix] P&L Chart wrong in given situations.

New paragraph October 4, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 4.3 release

What's new:

[New] Document errors are now reported visually highlighting offending field.
[Upg] Paste from clipboard now includes all opt fields as well.
[Upg] Online picture support for Styled Text through HTML IMG SRC tag.
[Upg] New Mac OS X Address Book import without using AppleEvents.
[Chg] SMTP time-out increased to 120 seconds.
[Chg] SMTP retries decreased to 5 attempts.
[Chg] Error 571 now handled as soft error.
[Chg] Error 550 and 553 now trigger an automatic retry in given conditions.
[Chg] Account ID field removed from settings panel.
[Chg] Precedence setting removed from the settings panel.
[Chg] Group and interval moved to 'Delivery' settings.
[Chg] Selected recipient status always visible (Recipients panel)
[Fix] Windows paths with accentuated characters support.
[Fix] Apple specific attachment encodings no longer available on Windows.
[Fix] 'KEEP' batch process progress bar inverted.
[Fix] Previewing HTML code doesn't display the code anymore.
[Fix] Attachment file names encoding.
[Fix] Error 102 at QUIT stage is again interpreted as the QUIT response.
[Fix] Selected recipients status not always updated properly.

New paragraph August 2, 2005
MS Windows
New paragraph UPDATE: Web Dumper 2.3

What's new:

[New] 'Download' icon in toolbar to reveal the Download folder.
[Opt] Speed increase thanks to new interface handler.
[Upg] .lasso file ext. added to map.
[Upg] .sib file ext. added to map.
[Upg] .ico file ext. added to map.
[Win] The interface doesn't lock anymore.
[Chg] Unregistered version is now limited to the download of 100 files.
[Fix] .jsp parameters delimiter now supported.
[Fix] Relinker failure on given situations.
[Fix] Problem whith parser when using alternative port.
[Fix] Problem with parser when the URL contains the protocol twice.

New paragraph July 25, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 2.4

What's new:

[Upg] Help menu.
[Fix] Overview panel cache now is 100% accurate. (rounding issue)
[Fix] Chart now represents negative values properly.
[Fix] Chart title no longer overlaps legend.

New paragraph July 12, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph Update: Transaction 1.2

What's new:

[New] Products, customers, Transaction and Expenses export.
[Chg] Null Transactions accepted.
[Fix] Transaction reference can be modified manually.
[Fix] Import now take care of selected encoding.
[Fix] Comment1 and Comment2 conflict.

New paragraph July 7, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Extractor 2.1 release

What's new:

[Upg] Multiple extractor algorithm enhancements.
[Upg] Help menu.
[Fix] Output files no longer empty when few results.

New paragraph July 7, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: eMail Verifier 2.1 release

What's new:

[Upg] Help menu.
[Upg] Lookup thread manager fully rewritten from scratch is now much faster and safe.
[Upg] Verifier thread manager fully rewritten from scratch is now much faster and safe.
[Fix] Verifier time out timer fix.
[Fix] Verified count now accurate avoiding unnecessary recurrent connections.

New paragraph June 14, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 4.2 release

What's new:

[Upg] Links in preview are now live and clickable.
[Upg] New Recipient menu with shortcut.
[Upg] New List menu with shortcut.
[Upg] New Help Menu.
[Upg] Multiple drag'n'drop between lists supported.
[Upg] Delivery report localized to Japanese and Italian.
[Upg] Preview headers localized to Japanese, German, Italian and Spanish.
[Fix] Rewrap alert no longer displayed between batches after a connection drop.
[Fix] German, Japanese and Italian localized versions fixes.
[Fix] Wrong encoding on accentuated characters in recipient list opt fields.
[Fix] Corrupt Styled Text on given situation when using Geneva font.
[Fix] Error 550 (relaying denied) handling no longer stop the whole delivery.
[Fix] Message text is scrolled to the found string when using the Find option.
[Fix] Detailed report doesn't show list result in test mode.

New paragraph March 4, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph Update: Transaction 1.1

What's new:

[New] Sales per day chart
[New] Unit sold per day chart
[Fix] Problem when creating new transaction and adding the country.

New paragraph March 2, 2005

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 4.1 release

What's new:

[New] Interface important enhancements.
[Upg] Import error report now supports copy/paste, drag'n'drop, printing and saving.
[Upg] New preference entry to create a report after importing recipients.
[Upg] 'Connection dropped' warning window now includes a programable timer to auto-resume delivery.
[Upg] 200 new rules have been added to the Spam Checker.
[Upg] New list 'Select Sent', 'Select Unsent' and 'Select Failed' top and contextual menus.
[Upg] SpamChecker includes recommendations to enhance message contents.
[Chg] Time-out when transmitting an attachment has been incremented.
[Fix] Several localization fixes.
[Fix] Attachments corrupted on given conditions.
[Fix] Styled text background color not applied.
[Fix] Crash in rare conditions.
[Fix] Styled text sometimes wrongly converted.
[Fix] Alignment failure on Styled text.
[Fix] Styled Text preview with inline pictures now works properly.
[Fix] TLSv1 and SSLv3 fix (implicit only)
[Fix] Alignments not properly handled on given situations (Styled Text format)
[Fix] Styled Text Documents changed to 'Web Page' on save/open.
[Fix] A time-out event is no longer fired when sending data on slow servers.
[Fix] Spam checker no longer add warning on numeric from address is given situations.
[Fix] Quick selector triangle not activated when loading big documents.
[Fix] Delivery issues when previous attempts have generated errors.

New paragraph March 1, 2005

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxNews 1.1

What's new:

[New] Metal-like interface.
[New] Multiple group/server fetch at once.
[Opt] Faster group list download.
[Opt] Faster thread display.
[Upg] New post and Followup window now display more editable headers.

New paragraph February 23, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: iCash 2.3

What's new:

[Upg] Interface enhancements.
[Upg] General Balance displayed in status field rather than document title.
[Upg] Transaction comment pull-down menu displays last 15 comments for similar transaction.
[Upg] Transaction tracking number is now increased automatically.
[Upg] Charts now include a title.
[Fix] QIF Import fixes. Payee and memo placed on right fields.
[Fix] Reconcile not applied properly on QIF imports.
[Fix] Chart portrait printout support.
[Fix] Chart average line in right place.

New paragraph February 14, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph New Product: Transaction 1.0

Transaction is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose interactive data analysis and reporting tool intended to help you control your online sales. Transaction can serve several small to medium management needs for either private users, software developers or small businesses making keeping track of online sales a snap. With a few clicks you can start importing your existing transactions and create reports and charts in minutes.


- No technical knowledge required, simply concentrate on your sales.
- Unlimited Product, Customer, Transaction and Expense entries.
- Unlimited user-defined smart lists creation for Queries, Reports and Charts.
- Product units and price ratio for reporting on bundles.
- Expense ratio and amortization for accurate real results.
- Custom Reports and queries.
- 10 types of Charts (Earnings, Units, Refunds, Chargebacks, Growth, Sales Ratio...)
- Queries lets you quickly locate given transactions and customers.
- Fast Import and Export of Products, Transactions, Customers and Expenses. (Text, CSV...)
- Easy-to-use, straightforward and user friendly all-in-one interface.
- Fast SQL database engine.
- Direct message delivery to customers through templates.
- Available for Mac OS X and Windows 98/2000/Me/NT/XP.

New paragraph February 1, 2005

New paragraph UPDATE: MaxNews 1.0

What's new:

[Chg] Several interface and keyboard shortcuts changes.
[Opt] Much responsive interface and faster thread view.
[Opt] Faster article and list download.
[Opt] Faster Select All on big lists.
[Fix] Error 500 properly handled depending on NNTP stage.
[Fix] Authentication is sent automatically when checked.
[Fix] Posted articles now use application default charset header.
[Fix] Purge is now performed properly.

New paragraph January 25, 2005
MS Windows

New paragraph UPDATE: Loan Calc 2.0 release

What's new:

[Upg] Interface enhancements.
[Upg] Possibility to compute loan length for a given term.

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