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Last news

Software updates

The Payee field can also be used at a starting point for transaction autocompletion. The Windows installer is now signed with a sha-256 certificate for Windows 10 compatibility. The data checking tool is now faster and much more responsive. The budget list now scrolls with no lags, values updating has been optimized. Fix: Duplicate, Transfer and Split menu not working on given occasions. Fix: Problem when splitting a reconciled transaction causing balance error. Fix: Empty project now set properly when splitting a transaction. Fix: Export to XLS, TXT and HTML no longer causes a system wrong extension alert on Mac OS.


Note that we prefer not to talk about products that don't officially exist or features that have not been implemented yet except to our Alpha and Beta testers. A product or feature officially exists once it has been advertised on this site. That includes new products, products ported to new platforms, new relevant features and upcoming updates. A new product or feature is somewhat secret until release because we do not want you to feel cheated or disappointed. Indeed we may fail or fall behind schedule due to unforeseen difficulties.

We always listen to our customers thru the comments added to this page, the public forums and the support help desk, we take note of absolutely all feature requests and bug reports. We may give an opinion but that's all, we very rarely engage ourselves to develop stuff on demand or deliver regular updates.

We also maintain a Log Book with public information about ongoing projects and feature developments waiting for your comments.


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