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KEYS [New] New Feature
[Opt] Optimization
[Fix] Bug Fix
[Chg] Changes Previous Functionality
[Upg] Enhancement

December 23, 2003                 

UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 3.0.1 release

What's new:

[New] 7 new headers added to the preference custom header editor.
[Chg] It is now possible to tab through recipient fields on list.
[Fix] Recipient list wrongly formatted, no horizontal scrollbar and fields pushed to the right.
[Fix] Import from Address Book script merging e-mails when several.
[Fix] Import from Address Book script creating "missing value" entries when empty field.
[Fix] Mac OS 9.x version not showing check boxes on recipient list.
[Fix] Recent documents menu getting duplicated entries when saving.
[Fix] Entourage groups drops broken.
[Fix] Problem loading styled text from files.

December 9, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.4.3

What's new:

[New] Transaction input auto-complete using recent transactions data.
[New] Balance report for a given date.
[Chg] Account statement report for Debts, Portfolio and Assets as well.
[Chg] Transaction comments included in statement report.
[Chg] Transaction panel year can be changed manually.
[Chg] Acc. statement report Payment/Income titles changed to Debit/Credit.
[Fix] Transaction duplicate not converting accentuated characters properly.
[Fix] Account statement not properly displayed (all amounts as incomes).
[Fix] Balance report taking future transactions into account.
[Fix] Transaction debit and credit pull-down menu display glitchs.
[Fix] Problem with accentuated characters when importing form text and QIF.

December 2, 2003

UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 3.0 release

What's new:

[New] Full SSL v1, v2, v3 and TLS v1 support for both POP and SMTP connection. (Pro only)
[New] Settings now include an Interval entry that force MaxBulk to wait between sessions.
[New] Mouse wheel support on message, log and lists.
[New] POP server port support in the form []
[New] New APOP authentication support (MD5 authentication with timestamp).
[New] Message encoding is now document wide rather than application wide.
[New] HTML compresor - All HTML code is now sent compressed and optimized for speed.
[New] ESMTP Login, Plain and CRAM-MD5 support.
[New] Full mySQL support for recipients import. (Pro only)
[New] Recipient list, message preview and connection log printing.
[New] Preferences entries to set new documents default account and recipient list.
[New] Direct recipients import from Apple Mail.
[New] Direct recipients import from Microsoft Entourage.
[New] Direct recipients import from Address Book.
[New] Direct recipients import from Now Contact.
[Upg] Delivery report contains more information.
[Upg] Numbered delivery reports.
[Upg] Support for double-byte strings everywhere including list and account names.
[Upg] Unicode UTF-8 support both for interface and files.
[Upg] New UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings format support.
[Upg] All Windows encodings format support.
[Upg] Safari added to preview browser pull-down menu.
[Upg] Lists - Multiple selection, remove and checking now possible.
[Opt] Delivery performed 5 times faster thanks to SMTP handler enhancements.
[Opt] Faster QuotedPrintable encoding.
[Opt] Faster Base64 encoding.
[Opt] List loading/import twice as fast.
[Chg] All files and preferences are now saved as Unicode UTF-8 allowing 2-bytes strings.
[Chg] Lists and logs are now saved to ~/Documents.
[Chg] Send button accepts command+. and ESC when converted to 'Cancel' button.
[Chg] More information added to connection log.
[Chg] '20', '30' and '60' added to group pull-down menu.
[Chg] SMTP HELO and EHLO commands changes (domain of sender address used).
[Chg] Recent documents menu now use alias rather than paths. (more compatible)
[Chg] Attachments now use alias rather than paths. (more compatible)
[Chg] Document window can be freely resized if pressing Command and Option Keys.
[Chg] New Precedence 'list' entry.
[Chg] Precedence is no longer disable for non bulk mails.
[Fix] Sockets seem to try to reconnect after a cancel because of no disposed timeout.
[Fix] ASCII 202 not properly handled when importing recipients.
[Fix] Messages with lines >1024 characters long not properly handled.
[Fix] Recent items menu can now use 2-bytes file names.
[Fix] List editing error when on second line.
[Fix] Few Panther interface cosmetic fixes.
[Fix] Applescript ADDO and DELE events not activating list Save button.
[Fix] FileMaker 'Add recipients' script not activating list Save button.
[Fix] Applescript handler not performing duplicate checking in some cases.

December 2, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Verifier 1.3 release

What's new:

[Opt] Testing is up to 8 times faster depending on the list.
[Opt] New setting for sending a RSET command between each test when same domain.
[Opt] New setting to group and limit addresses testings per session.
[Chg] Verify button accepts command+. and ESC when converted to 'Cancel' button.
[Fix] Rules sometimes block testing process.
[Fix] ASCII 202 not properly handled when importing list.

December 2, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Extractor 1.6.3 release

What's new:

[Upg] New filter added to extract addresses from Yahoo Adress book.
[Fix] ASCII 202 not properly handled.

December 1, 2003
UPDATE: eMail Bounce Handler 1.3.1 release

What's new:

[Fix] ASCII 202 not properly handled.
[Fix] Connection dropped not properly handled.

November 18, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.4.2

What's new:

[Chg] Panther cosmetic changes.
[Chg] QIF import support old Microsoft Money date format.
[Fix] Total not properly conputed on composite queries.
[Fix] P&L report problem on accounts with a not null opening balance.
[Fix] Problem with QIF import on Panther.

November 18, 2003

UPDATE: Loan Calc 1.5.3 release

What's new:

[Upg] Interface enhancements.
[Upg] Enhanced printout.
[Upg] Repayment lists now use system date format.

October 22, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.4.1

What's new:

[Upg] Date format can be set from 5 available when importing QIF transaction files.
[Upg] Blance printout now includes screen pictures, type, account, categories...
[Chg] Reconciled transactions no longer displayed when balance querying.
[Chg] Cumulative query results with duplicate checking using command key.
[Upg] Date 'little arrows' added to report and query panel year field.
[Upg] Partial QIF transactions files with no account data are now supported.
[Fix] Incomplete date when exporting transactions as text or Excel.
[Fix] Queries panel total not properly computed when transfer between banks.
[Fix] Transaction, query and Balance printouts sometimes get trimmed.
[Fix] Query result error when using a specified date range.
[Fix] Localization fixes (Italian and German).
[Fix] New Transaction data deleted from entries fields when switching tabs.
[Fix] Account 'Show' Category pull-down menu not sorted properly.

October 14, 2003
UPDATE: Web Dumper 1.8.1

What's new:

[Upg] "Referer:" header added to all outgoing HTTP commands.
[Upg] Erroneous BASE HREF auto-fix.
[Upg] "%20" code enhanced support.
[Upg] "'" character better handling.
[Upg] "./" character better handling.
[Chg] Dump button accepts command+. and ESC when converted to 'Cancel' button.

September 24, 2003

UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 2.9 release

What's new:

[Upg] New 7-bits US-ASCII encoding format support. Faster for English text.
[Upg] New double byte SHIFT-JIS Japanese encoding.
[Opt] Bulk mode delivery status faster refresh.
[Upg] More information added to delivery report (encoding and attachments size)
[Upg] Attachment total size added to message panel.
[Chg] No extra lines added before of after conditional statements.
[Chg] Alert added when closing a document and recipient list has been modified.
[Chg] Alert added when delivery is done but not all recipients has been sent.
[Chg] Visible delivery reset progress dialog.
[Chg] Recipient's list column width saved and restored with document contents.
[Chg] Localized version fixes.
[Chg] 'X-Confirm-Reading-To' optional header added to header pull-down menu.
[Chg] New ISO encoder for header fields.
[Chg] Sender name field now accepts double-bytes characters.
[Fix] Heading CSS code dots removed by relaying SMTP server broking style sheets specs.
[Fix] 2 bytes char. text was not properly restored from saved files. (e.g. Japanese, Chinese...)
[Fix] 2 bytes char. text was not properly sent - partial messages and/or wrong chars.
[Fix] Test mail sent twice with empty delivery report in bulk mode.
[Fix] Null characters automatically removed before sending. (Body/sig)
[Fix] Heading dots modified before sending. (sig)
[Fix] Problem when using import dialog with duplicate checking deactivated.

September 23, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Verifier 1.2 release

What's new:

[New] Rules can now be applied to addresses to set validity without testing.
[Upg] New pref. entry to select from using VRFY or just simulate deliveries.
[Chg] New default values for User ID and sender e-mail.
[Upg] Custom result can be set on MX Lookup failure.
[Upg] New preference setting to force the use of Mail Exchanger with highest priority.
[Fix] 'Bad' and 'Looks bad' addresses always saved together.
[Fix] Problem with numeric domain names in specific conditions.
[Fix] Sometimes MX servers are not sorted by preference properly.
[Fix] 'Don't save' button sometimes fails when saving results and multiple windows.

September 17, 2003
UPDATE: eMail Bounce Handler 1.3 release

What's new:

[New] APOP support (MD5 authentication with timestamp)
[New] An alternative port can be set in the form server:port
[Upg] Mutliple POP3 sessions are performed to force POP Update state.
[Upg] Window resizable in width.
[Upg] New rule 'Message status - undeliverable' added.
[Fix] Numeric domains e-mail addresses not always properly extracted.

September 16, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Extractor 1.6.2 release

What's new:

[Fix] '&' characters was wrongly removed from some e-mail addresses.
[Fix] Duplicate checking failure in very specific conditions.

June 11, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.4

What's new:

[New] Account Statement report.
[New] Summarized and detailed P&L and Balance reports.
[New] Editable transaction types.
[New] Balance Panel P&L accounts flow range.
[New] Balance Panel linked transactions browser.
[New] Quicken(tm) QIF single all-in-one file import support.
[New] Quicken(tm) QIF export (categories, accounts, transactions)
[New] Transactions printouts from transaction panel.
[New] Accounts printouts from Accounts panel.
[New] Balance panel print support
[New] Rebuild database Index tool.
[Upg] Reports, queries and transaction enhanced and more compatible printouts.
[Upg] Report export.
[Chg] Transaction and account amount/balance right formatted.
[Chg] Transaction credit and debit account pull-down menus enhancement.
[Fix] Accounts count not properly updated when changing account type.
[Fix] Text transaction export wrong date format.
[Fix] By month P&L report broken on 1.3

May 20, 2003
UPDATE: Web Dumper 1.8

What's new:

[New] Preferences now include an easy way to skip files using rules.
[New] Proxy Authentication support.
[Upg] Support for URL tag.
[Upg] Support for FRAME SRC tag.
[Upg] 'BASE HREF' tag better support.
[Upg] Windows Media Video added to map.

May 13, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.3

What's new:

[New] Transaction duplication and date transfer (Transaction & Query panels).
[New] Transaction handling through Contextual Menus (Transaction & Query panels).
[New] Queries panel account balance queries (to reconcile accounts with bank statements).
[New] Transaction favorites, record most frequently used transaction.
[Upg] Multiple transactions selection/deletion (Transaction & Query panels).
[Upg] Multiple transactions reconcile (Transactions & Query panels).
[Upg] Query panel displays record count, balance and reconciled.
[Upg] Queries high quality printing including landscape format.
[Upg] New range queries for transaction amount and balance.
[Upg] Interface improvements (icons and Classic/Mac OS X controls)
[Chg] Queries list date format back to regular US mm/dd/yy and Europe dd/mm/yy.
[Chg] Document's window resizable 50 more pixels wide.
[Chg] Windows QIF file support.
[Chg] Account panel now shows balances properly signed and colored.
[Chg] Icon buttons replaced with standard buttons.
[Fix] Report range month not localized.
[Fix] Windows QIF file support.
[Fix] Transactions QIF header sometimes not interpreted properly.
[Fix] Window width and height not properly restored at startup when min. values.

April 15, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.2

What's new:

[New] Quicken QIF categories, accounts and transactions import.
[New] 'Startup' account type to be used when creating accounts with a starting balance.
[New] 'Start-up capital' default account and 'Capital' category related to 'Startup'
[New] Get Info menu display a detailed information window about database.
[Upg] No needs to use the printer setup menu before very first print anymore.
[Upg] Transaction and account's comment field is now 128 characters rather than 35.
[Chg] Transaction debit and credit pull-down menu Bank category removed.
[Chg] 'Cashier' transaction type renamed to 'ATM'.
[Chg] 'Cheque'transaction type renamed to 'Check'.
[Chg] Data checker tool is run in loop until no more error found.
[Chg] Cash account added to defaults.
[Chg] 'Refund' transaction tyoe added.
[Chg] 'Tracking number' added to transactions.
[Fix] csv transactions Import/Export mismatch when thousand comma separator's used.
[Fix] French version localization fixes.
[Fix] Unicode properly displayed for file names on X.

March 18, 2003

UPDATE: iCash 1.1

What's new:

[New] Transaction details can now be added.
- Invoice number
- Taxes along with tax type (Paid, Collected or Refundable)
- Transaction breakdown with items database
- Transaction memo.
[New] Report high quality printing.
[Upg] 'Last year' and 'Last month' added to Report range selector.
[Upg] 'Last year' and 'Last month' added to Queries range selector.
[Chg] Transaction debit and credit pull-down menu sorted by type and categories.
[Chg] Transaction debit and credit edit fields to allow manually entries.
[Chg] Transaction now properly inserted in the list depending on sort settings.
[Chg] New document creation progress dialog.
[Chg] When a document's removed from the file manager it will not appear again on next run.
[Chg] Income transactions amount now in blue.
[Chg] Document resizable width.
[Chg] Account and transaction edition confirmation dialog has been removed.
[Chg] Banks accounts are included in brackets in transaction maintenance panel.
[Chg] German localization typo fixes.
[Chg] Debts account opening balance convert to a negative value automatically.
[Chg] Queries panel now displays colored positive and negative values.
[Upg] Interface enhancements regarding accounts creation and transactions.
[Fix] Custom range Profit and Loss report not accurate when more than a month length.
[Fix] Profit and loss report no longer consider prospective transactions (date>current date)
[Fix] Custom range queries not accurate when more than a month length.

February 25, 2003

UPDATE: MaxBulk Mailer 2.8 release

What's new:

[New] New POP UserID entry for authentication
[New] Recipient edition dialog is now displayed when double-clicking entry icon.
[New] Detailed Delivery report including successful and unsucessful e-mail adresses.
[New] Hyperlink manager. Allows you to add preformatted hyperlinks to your documents. (Pro only)
[New] Applescript support with Examples. (Pro only)
[Upg] Recipient list resizable columns.
[Upg] Opera, Mozilla and iCab added to preview browser pull-down menu.
[Chg] Localized pref menu entry.
[Chg] Import dialog supports drag re-order of cells.
[Chg] Preview field number updated during delivery.
[Chg] 'Paste Special' now supports Unix and DOS line breaks.
[Chg] Shift+S shortcut for 'Save As..." menu
[Chg] Window menu now includes shortcuts.
[Chg] ESMTP password is now hidden during connection.
[Chg] Test mail tags replaced with tag names.
[Chg] Custom headers no longer duplicated with standard ones.
[Chg] More data added to Delivery Report. (Bulk mode, rate, groups, retries...)
[Chg] Account pull-down now save all account data, not only user and server data.
[Chg] Delivery status [x/x] displayed inside document title bar.
[Chg] Test mode status displayed inside document title bar.
[Chg] 'Connection log' files accepted as batch removing files. (intended to crash recovery)
[Chg] Recipient list can be ordered by activated entries.
[Chg] Conditional statements allowed in a single line <if [[tag]] = "value"> stuff here</if>
[Chg] Copy/Paste/Cut/Clear/Select All allowed in list.
[Opt] Message Preview links and quotes formatting (color and underline)
[Opt] More filters added to mail parser.
[Fix] Main dialog no longer remain deactivated after closing X sheet windows.
[Fix] 'Text/HTML' format preview no longer shows HTML part.
[Fix] Edit fields Unicode BOM fixed.
[Fix] Recipient list selector fails to load lists labeled with foreign characters.
[Fix] Recipient list selector fails to show list names with foreign characters.
[Fix] 'Paste Special' fails to import and parse the clipboard when no tab delimited.
[Fix] German MIME alert localization typo fix.
[Fix] Delivery report sending doesn't loop on error anymore.
[Fix] Multiple Mac OS X Address Book entries drops broken.
[Fix] Dropped Mac OS X Address Book entries was not properly encoded.
[Fix] Conditional statements not handled properly when using Styled text format.
[Fix] Online address list editing was not checking for duplicates properly.
[Fix] AppleDouble attachment encoding fix.

February 24, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Verifier 1.1.2 release

What's new:

[Upg] Address list resizable columns.
[Chg] Localized pref menu entry.
[Chg] Window menu now includes shortcuts.
[Fix] Main dialog no longer remain deactivated after closing X sheet windows.
[Fix] Empty MX lookup results not handled properly.

February 11, 2003

New Product: iCash 1.0

iCash is a software intended to control your personal finances, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. As simple as creating the accounts you need and move money between them! You don't even need to know about accounting or even care about it! Your finances depends largely on good organization that lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes. More...


- No accounting knowledge needed. (No double-entry bookkeeping)
- Unlimited fully customizable account creation.
- Unlimited categories to classify all your accounts.
- Transaction auto balance and reconciliation.
- Custom Reports and queries.
- Queries lets you quickly locate given transactions.
- Fast Import and Export of Categories, Account and transactions.
- Easy-to-use, straightforward and user friendly all-in-one interface.
- Fast SQL database engine.
- Multi-document with password protection.
- Drag and Drop support.
- Native versions for Mac OS X and Mac OS Classic.

January 28, 2003

UPDATE: eMail Extractor 1.6.1 release

What's new:

[New] More filters added to e-mail validation function.
[New] More filters added to line validation function.
[New] Lowercase E-mail addresses preference entry.
[Fix] Multiple files drops from Finder broken.

January 21, 2003
UPDATE: Web Dumper 1.7

What's new:

[New] File size rules allowing user to discard files depending on customized size ranges.
[New] File handler in order to set if existing files have to be overwritten, skipped or renamed.
[New] Downloaded site Folder hierarchy can be rebuild or file can be saved on a same folder.
[New] New cookies, e-mail addresses, URLs, contents and transaction logs.
[Chg] Localized pref menu entry.
[Chg] 'Setting' menu renamed to 'Preferences'.
[Chg] Window menu now includes shortcuts.
[Chg] Checking authentication mark displays auth. dialog.
[Chg] Better HTML tag processing to allow bad formatted HTML code parsing.
[Chg] Links extraction from Javascript code.
[Chg] Resizable Dump window.
[Opt] Long filename support on Mac OS X.
[Upg] Download queue list resizable columns.
[Upg] '.cfm' file added to map.
[Upg] '.ppt' file added to map.
[Fix] Edit fields Unicode BOM fixed.
[Fix] Content header parsing sometimes misunderstood due to linebreaks.
[Fix] Several file types dumped despite unselected from file map.

January 15, 2003
UPDATE: eMail Bounce Handler 1.2 release

What's new:

[New] New document default rules editor (preferences)
[New] E-mail address extraction using user specified message part.
[New] E-mail exclusion list. Prevent rules to add given e-mail.
[New] Mail recipient header (To:) added to rules.
[New] All rules can be skipped in order to process al incomimg mails.
[Chg] Empty strings allowed for 'equal to' rules.
[Chg] Window menu now includes shortcuts.
[Chg] Recent documents menu.
[Chg] Bounces can be selected using the 'Select All' menu.
[Chg] Several bounces can be removed at the same time.
[Chg] Bounce list can be sorted by bounce number or check state.
[Chg] Rules can be reordered in list. (Doc. and prefs rules)
[Opt] E-mail extraction function and rule handler optimizations.
[Fix] Connection log memory leak causing EBH to crash under Classic.
[Fix] Rules applied to "From" header sometimes fail.
[Fix] POP3 password not properly restored from previously saved files.

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