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iCash 7.8.6 (September 12, 2023)
What's new:
 ▸ Double-click on bank account in the browser now open the account edition panel.
 ▸ When editing a transaction group comment (aka 'Split') you can now select a previous comment from a list.
 ▸ SQL engine has been updated in order to enhance stability, speed and file security.
 ▸ New advanced preference entry to allow adding transactions with a duplicate tracking number.
 ▸ It is now possible to create a tax report for a given project.
 ▸ You can now enter/overwrite the transactions tracking number by clicking on the 'Tracking #' label.
 ▸ The Statistics panel now supports projects, it is now possible to get statistics for a given project.
 ▸ The Chart windows now supports projects, it is now possible to create a chart for a given project.
 ▸ When duplicating a group the date is now set to current month and year as with single transactions.
 ▸ The tracking number field number has been moved to the top right of the entry panel.
 ▸ The transaction entry panel 'Project' field now displays the projects ordered by date in descending order.
 ▸ In the transaction entry panel, Control-Click on 'Project' displays project alphabetically with access to the project editor.
 ▸ You can now sort transactions by tracking number in the Queries panel and transaction panel without pressing the Control or Option key.
 ▸ Clicking on the 'Tracking #' header while pressing the Control or Option key will sort the transaction by reconciliation status.
 ▸ Fix: Several interface fixes related to new 'Deductible expense' function.
 ▸ Fix: Several fixes related to regular/XML imports and 'Deductible expense' info.
 ▸ Fix: When duplicating a group the custom title is also copied.
 ▸ Fix: When duplicating a group the tracking number are now properly incremented.
 ▸ Fix: Several fixes related to panel splitter and splitter docking on main window.
 ▸ Fix: The currency rates can be updated thru the currency windows again.
 ▸ Fix: When selecting several transactions in the transaction panel, the SUM is now displayed as before.
 ▸ Fix: The bank account list listed in the the browser panel is now automatically updated when a bank is modified or created.
 ▸ Fix: 'Transaction type' field wrongly set by the auto-complete function in given occasions.
 ▸ Fix: VAT type set in the account panel is now populated when entering a new transaction with that account as the target.
 ▸ Fix: The Help text for transaction button on MS Windows has been removed and replaced by standard help tags.
 ▸ Fix: The report panel controls are now disabled when not usable.
 ▸ Fix: Inaccurate Balance in Account Statement report when selecting 'Current Quarter'.

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