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FTP Disk
FTP Disk 1.4.4 (December 17, 2018)
What's new:
 ▸ Transfer progress now indicates the item number and total of items.
 ▸ The Find window new reminds the last search and replace text.
 ▸ All windows with text entry now supports the select all command.
 ▸ The Windows menu now also show the current path along with the server name.
 ▸ New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Get license info, Register and Unregister.
 ▸ New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to see the User License Agreement.
 ▸ New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Reset the app settings to factory default.
 ▸ New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Copy the current serial.
 ▸ New 'About the app' box tool menu entry to Renew the Update Plan.
 ▸ Quotes and dashes are no longer replaced by the operating system even if activated in the system preferences (Mac Only).
 ▸ When deleting local files the application now moves the files to the trash.
 ▸ Faster text editor (useless styles no longer supported).
 ▸ Fix: Interface flickering has been fixed on the MS Windows version.
 ▸ Fix: Application not responding for a while when copying text from the text editor and when lots of text.
 ▸ Fix: Toolbar buttons status not restored after using 'Get Info', 'Edit', 'Log' and 'Preferences'.
 ▸ Fix: 'Select All' on both the remote and local lists very slow in given occasions.
 ▸ Fix: Artifacts displayed when showing any of the navigation bar popup menus.
 ▸ Fix: The 'Show/Edit' menu and button no longer enabled when a folder is part of the selection.
 ▸ Fix: The remote panel item count is again visible on the directory bottom right.
 ▸ Fix: The Find window control are no longer cropped.
 ▸ Fix: List icon showing a black background on given occasions.
 ▸ Fix: Miscellaneous aesthetic fixes in several main window and Search dialog.
 ▸ Fix: Issue when deleting local folders or files in given occasions.
 ▸ Fix: Drag and drop picture temporally change to 16x16 icons.

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We always listen to our customers thru the comments added to this page, we take note of absolutely all feature requests and bug reports. We may give an opinion but that's all, we very rarely engage ourselves to develop stuff on demand or deliver regular updates.

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Recent questions from our FTP Disk users
  How to transfer FTP accounts between computers Screenshot

Update your web site as often as you like exactly as if you were copying files between folders on your computer! In order to maintain your Web site you surely need some kind of FTP software however not all the FTP tools available today seem to be designed with frequent uploading in mind.

Indeed, they are not always as handy as they could or should be. Actually, they all seem to copy each others. Updating files on your server can be a repetitive and boring process, and in many cases it's more trouble than it's worth.

It doesn't have to be that way, however, as FTP Disk makes this whole process much more intuitive. With FTP Disk just drag and drop your files directly on a server in the list to get them uploaded to the selected path.

You can create as many servers as you need with different paths and initiate several uploads at the same time. Of course you can also log into servers as usual, navigate thru directories, create files and folders, download and upload files, modify text files with the built-in editor, preview pictures and change permissions.

FTP Disk not only offers a very handy and easy-to-use interface for managing servers, indeed it is also very easy to navigate thru directories. Thanks to the directory bar, a visual and interactive control that displays your current location, you can move to other directories with a single click of your mouse.

You can create favorite locations and jump to them at any time. Those favorites are available from the server panel so you can go directly to a directory when connecting to a server or upload files to it!

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