New Statistics Not Being Created on the Server


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I can view my old statistics just fine, but each new bulk mail project fails to create stats. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be?


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MBM Vn: 8.7.2
OS X Vn: 10.15.3
MLM Vn: 3.2

mailqueue permissions = 0755
sqlqueue permissions = 0755
uploads permissions = 0755
imports permissions = 0755
templates permissions = 0755

#1 mysqli_connect(, 1021191, Y5qx95wN, mactrician_ajbicat )
-> Connection OK!

#2 mysql_select_db( mactrician_ajbicat )
-> Database selection OK!

#3 mysqli_query( $mysql_link, $query )
-> Query OK!

#4 mysqli_query( $mysql_link, $query )
-> Query OK!

#5 mysqli_query( $mysql_link, $query )
-> Query OK!

#6 2 list(s), 3597 recipient(s), 172 deliveries
-> No error found.


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I note that after upgrading to Catalina I had to rebuild almost everything: email accounts, settings, MLM etc. SO maybe these two things are related?


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Just putting in the right preferences, sender stuff. Nothing special. I just noticed that after upgrading to Catalina it was like my MaxBulk Mailer .plist file had been deleted. So...
1. Should I have a look at the plist file?
2. Or maybe I altered the php file that queries my database in some way (not the settings.php, but another one that does something with the type of sql query). Which php files (or others) relate to the way that MLM interacts with the SQL server when it sets up a new mailing statistics entry?
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