iCash SE Creating file Creating Defaults couple of minutes


New Member
I just installed iCash on Mac Mojave. It works well for creating new "Business" and "Home" accounts. It looks very promising. I decided to try create the third option "iCash SE File, Copy balances" account. I am met with this popup: Creating file, Creating Defaults... The file creation process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on your machine speed. Please be patient. -> It is over an hour and the pop-up still has not resolved, progress at about 70%. I am running the latest 2018 Mac so the processor speed shouldn't be a problem.


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I selected the newly created file in the iCash Accounts window, and clicked Open. Then the pop-up disappeared. Therefore it seems that the 70% progress was waiting for me to click the Open button. What is the purpose of this third option "iCash SE File, Copy balances" account?


Staff member
'iCash SE File' is a Swedish account set that's given by a customers a few years ago. 'Copy balances' usually is when you create a file from another, you copy the structure and the balances.

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