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icash se

  1. K

    iCash - —Ä—É—Å—Å–∫–æ—è–∑—ã—á–Ω—ã–µ –ø–æ–ª—å–∑–æ–≤–∞—Ç–µ–ª–∏.

    –î–æ–±—Ä—ã–π –¥–µ–Ω—å, –¥—Ä—É–∑—å—è! –£—á–∏—Ç—ã–≤–∞—è, —á—Ç–æ —Ä–∞–∑—Ä–∞–±–æ—Ç—á–∏–∫–∏ —Å–æ–≤–µ—Ä—à–µ–Ω–Ω–æ –Ω–µ –ø–æ–∑–∞–±–æ—Ç–∏–ª–∏—Å—å –æ –ø–æ–ª—å–∑–æ–≤–∞—Ç–µ–ª—è—Ö –∏–∑ –†–§, –ø—Ä–µ–¥–ª–∞–≥–∞—é, –≤ —Å–ª—É—á–∞–µ –≤–æ–∑–Ω–∏–∫–Ω–æ–≤–µ–Ω–∏—è –≤–æ–ø—Ä–æ—Å–æ–≤, –ø–∏—Å–∞—Ç—å –≤ —ç—Ç—É –≤–µ—Ç–∫—É...
  2. E

    iCash SE Creating file Creating Defaults couple of minutes

    I just installed iCash on Mac Mojave. It works well for creating new "Business" and "Home" accounts. It looks very promising. I decided to try create the third option "iCash SE File, Copy balances" account. I am met with this popup: Creating file, Creating Defaults... The file creation process...