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MaxBulk Mailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

mySQL and postgreSQL import queries

MaxBulk Mailer is able to import recipients data from a remote mySQL or postgreSQL database very easily. You only need to get access to your server as usual, select a database and perform a standard SQL query. Follow the steps below:

• Select the 'File | Import Recipients | From a Remote Database' menu or use the Import button from the toolbar.

• Select the database type, mySQL or postgreSQL, Port will change automatically. Default mySQL port is 3306 and postgreSQL 5432. You can edit it if needed.

• Enter your host address, it is the address of the server running the database. Type your user ID and password for that database.

• To execute the SQL Query, we need the Database name and the number of columns returned by that SQL Query.

• Compose your SQL query. It looks like this:

SELECT myField1, myField2 FROM myTable

In the first case we will get 2 columns, myField1 and myField2, in the second case the column count of the database. Refer to your SQL documentation for further details on SQL syntax.

• MaxBulk also needs you to line-up returned columns with internal fields. You have to make sure SQL query columns are properly lined-up with MaxBulk fields. Use the 'Up' and 'Down' button on the right to move MaxBulk fields until they match your file fields and uncheck the one you don't need.

The example below shows a simple query returning two columns and how they have been lined-up with MaxBulk fields. Note that MaxBulk Mailer will never import an entry with no valid e-mail address in the column lined-up with the Email field.

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