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MaxBulk Mailer

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people can I send an email to at once?

MaxBulk Mailer can send to as many people on your list as you wish in a row, but actually it may also depend on the server you are connecting to and on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Indeed, ISPs are free to place any given delivery limit they find convenient to your account in order to avoid abuses like spamming. Sometimes those bounds can be tailored to your needs thus you just need to contact your ISP postmaster, tell him who you are, what you are about to do, how you got your subscribers and eventually upgrade your account. Good ISPs use to know the difference between bulk e-mailing and spamming. Anyway, in the case your ISP delivery limits are not clear it is highly recommended to get in touch with them and ask otherwise you could run into unnecessary troubles. Perhaps you have no limits at all or maybe they are wide enough they will never interfere with you. Note that sometimes though a delivery threshold is in place and can't be removed nor extended in any ways so you will have to fulfill all the imposed requirements.

Of course MaxBulk Mailer works with all kind of mail servers, including yours, and offers ways to send your message to big lists fulfilling all those delivery requirements. However if you run a business or you simply need to send lots of messages fast through a reliable hassle free service, the best option is to get a real bulk email account.

If you decide to use your current mail server, continue reading...

There are several kinds of sending thresholds, usually you will be bounded to a given number of deliveries per session, per minute, per hour or per day. A session is when you log into your account, do some work and then log out. MaxBulk Mailer can handle a wide range of delivery rate requirements through multiple delayed sessions. It is achieved through several settings from the Settings panel, the 'Connections', 'Group mails' and 'Interval' entries. By default MaxBulk Mailer is set to send all the messages at once through 5 connections.

You can edit those settings to match your server requirements. For example, let's say your ISP has a threshold of 100 messages per hour:

The example above uses 5 connections (1), 20 messages per session (2) with a delay of 01:00 (1 hour) between batches. As settings #2 are per connection and you have selected 5 (default), MaxBulk will send 5 x 20 = 100 messages per session. In other words, 5 simultaneous connections sending 20 messages each per hour.

Delivery limit per session has very little impact over sending process overall speed as a session can be closed and reopened very fast. However you will get a notable performance degradation when you have to wait a given amount of time before reopening a session, xx minutes, 1 hour or 1 day.

As a final word, if you have a too tight delivery limit for your needs, don't hesitate to switch ISPs or to buy a web hosting package which will very likely include a usable e-mail server.

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