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Web Dumper

Reviewer's Guide

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

6.- About Maxprog

Maxprog, LLC. also known as Maxprog® is a privately held company dedicated to macOS and MS Windows software development.

Maxprog, LLC mainly develops and markets Internet, communication and database tools. Maxprog is unique in its approach to business, especially when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. In fact, our goal is to give each customer the utmost in personal attention and service.

Maxprog, LLC was founded in the early nineties by French-born programmer Stanley Busk, after over 15 years of experience in the high-tech networking industry and computer software development, now Chief Executive Officer of the company. Since its creation, Maxprog has built firm business relations with thousands of clients from over 132 countries with products localized in up to 10 different languages.

Maxprog, LLC develops and markets affordable but efficient solutions ranging from Personal Finances to Internet tools. Our most popular products are iCash, a personal finance manager and MaxBulk Mailer, an email-merge software. All those products are downloadable from this web site and are "try before buy". They also carry an unconditional 30-days money back guarantee.

Maxprog, LLC also invests in software localization thus some of our products are available in up to 10 different languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish and Portuguese. English is our primary language.

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If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that you would like to make a copy of it on your hard drive, you have to manually save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so on.

This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases it's more trouble than it's worth. It doesn't have to be that way, however, as Web Dumper makes this whole process very fast and easy. With Web Dumper you can download entire Websites off of the Internet, and save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing.

Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Web Dumper automatically downloads HTML documents along with their embedded pictures, sounds, movies and so on while it screens them to look for any enclosed links to other documents.

Web Dumper lets you select which kinds of file you want to be dumped between more than 60 available standard types, the folder depth level, how links must be processed and if it must re-link your HTML documents for offline browsing.

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