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eMail Bounce Handler | User Guide

eMail Bounce Handler

User Guide

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

1.- Overview

Bounce email (sometimes referred to as bounce mail) is electronic mail that is returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason. Unless otherwise arranged, bounce email usually appears as a new note in your inbox. Email users can encounter bounce email because an addressee has changed his or her address, because their mail box is full, because the note is misaddressed, or for some other reason.

Maxprog has developed eMail Bounce Handler, a bounce email filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce email using a customizable set of rules and extracts recipient's addresses allowing you to use them again to try sending your message or to take them off your list. eMail Bounce Handler is able to process bounce messages from all kind of sources like your local files, both remote and local mailboxes, plain text drops and from the clipboard. In the case of remote access eMail Bounce Handler gives support for both the POP and the IMAP protocols, retrieving bounce messages and keeping any other message untouched.

Once your bounce messages have been processed you will get your list of "dead" email addresses. You can then export it in order to clean your original list or to try to send your message again. If you use Maxprog Bulk Mailer, you can name your file "DELETE" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" and drop it over MaxBulk Mailer recipient list . All addresses from the file will be removed or unsubscribed from the list in a snap!

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