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Update plans versus subscriptions

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Update plans versus subscriptions


Update plans versus subscriptions

Update plans are not subscriptions. Regularly Maxprog software users ask me about if our update plans are subscriptions, about how they work, how long a user can use the software once he has purchased one and how it can be extended.

Update plans versus subscriptions

Well, we do not sell subscriptions at all, none of our software needs a subscription to operate.

Actually what we sell are Update Plans.

This is a whole different thing. Let me explain.

Software licensing

When you purchase a software from us, what you actually purchase is a software user license.

Actually you purchase the right to use the software we have created, not the software by itself.

You can download a copy of the version available at that moment from our site, register that copy with the activation code (aka serial number) you have received by email and start using the software.

You automatically get support and access to new versions during a full year.

License expiration

Your license never expires!

You can continue to use the version you purchased forever. Your activation code will always work for the version you purchased and for all the updates released during the 12-months period from the date of purchase.

After that, you have the choice between keeping using the last version you are entitled to or renew by purchasing an Update Plan.

Update Plans

An Update Plan actually allows you to use new versions and get support for more time, it is not a mandatory subscription in order to continue to use the software you purchased, it is a totally optional way of getting updated versions.

Despite being completely optional an Update Plan is quite recommended since it allows you to keep your software up-to-date, you no longer have to wait for a major release to enjoy new features.

If you are not ready yet or you are happy with the version you have, no problem, just forget about update plans, you can perfectly continue to use the version you purchased for months or years, as long as it works on your system.

What do I get with an Update Plan

When you purchase an Update Plan you automatically get access to the very last version along with the updates for the selected period.

You get notified by email when your update plan is about to expire or has expired. That email contains all the information you need to proceed. In addition, our software will also display an alert at launch.

You can also check the expiration date of your license here. We offer 12 months, 2 years, 3 and up to 5 years update plans with very aggressive prices and discounts.

This web site allows you to download updates (when available) any time day or night for any version of Maxprog products that you have purchased.

To see a description of every update we've released so far, visit our Last News Page.

How do I know I need an Update Plan

To check if updates are available for your product, select the 'Check for updates' menu from inside the application or click the 'Download' link at the top of this page.

Note that by default all our software checks for updates at launch. As a result you can download the last version if it is newer than the one you are using.

Where are the previous versions

We keep a repository of most previous versions so you can always use the very last version of the product you are entitled to.

You can find out what is the last version you can use here.

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