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MLM mySQL to mySQLi migration

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MLM mySQL to mySQLi migration

MLM has been fully updated to use mySQLi calls rather than mySQL.

That was done during summer 2016 and fully tested during 12 months for problems. None were found so the procedure below is quite secure. If you read this and you are about to update your PHP file to use mySQLi calls the best is to prepare you work thoroughly in advance. Check which functions are used and what is the mySQLi equivalent, the name use to be the same but with a mysqli_ prefix instead of mysql_ however most function calls require more parameters to be passed and they can be in reverse order.

List of MySQL functions to update (in lm_functions.php):

> mysql_get_host_info()
--> mysqli_get_host_info ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_get_server_info()
--> mysqli_get_server_info ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_get_client_info()
--> mysqli_get_client_info ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_get_proto_info()
--> mysqli_get_proto_info ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_real_escape_string( $text )
--> mysqli_real_escape_string ( $mysql_link , $text )

> mysql_affected_rows( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_affected_rows ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_client_encoding( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_character_set_name ( $mysql_link )

> mysql_close( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_close($mysql_link)

> mysql_connect( $dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass, $dbname )
--> mysqli_connect( $dbhost, $dbusername, $dbuserpass, $dbname )

> mysql_db_query( $dbname, $query )
--> mysqli_query( $mysql_link, $query )

> mysql_errno( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_errno( $mysql_link )

> mysql_error( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_error( $mysql_link )

> mysql_fetch_array( $res )
--> mysqli_fetch_array( $res )

> mysql_num_rows( $res )
--> mysqli_num_rows( $res )

> mysql_query( $query, $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_query( $mysql_link, $query ) <- INVERTED PARAMETERS!!

> mysql_select_db ( $dbname )

> mysql_set_charset( "utf8", $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_set_charset( $mysql_link, "utf8" ) <- INVERTED PARAMETERS!!

> mysql_fetch_object( $res )
--> mysqli_fetch_object ( $res )

Server connection error has changed:

> mysql_errno( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_connect_errno()

> mysql_error( $mysql_link )
--> mysqli_connect_error()

NOTE 1: $mysql_link has to be global and available to each function that needs it with the 'global' keyword.

NOTE 2: After a given query has been processed and we are done with the result just call the mysqli_free_result($result) function.

NOTE 3: mysqli_connect already select the database so mysqli_select_db ( $mysql_link , $dbname ) is just for changing DB.

After the changes we should not find any 'mysql_' strings in the code at all.

For your info, the mysqli extension has a number of benefits, the key enhancements over the mysql extension being:

- Object-oriented interface
- Support for Prepared Statements
- Support for Multiple Statements
- Support for Transactions
- Enhanced debugging capabilities
- Embedded server support

Manual | Migration guide | Guide + tool | More info

Stan Busk - Software Engineer


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