MLM subscribe page submit leads to 404, and doesn’t subscribe.


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Copied subscribe-single-selection.php, renamed, but did not alter it. On submittal flashes a redirect page quickly then goes to subscribe_single_fixed.php and shows a 404. The script subscribe-single-fixed.php is there, but notice the underscore vs. hyphen! Where is that even coming from? It’s not in the initial form code which looks like it’s calling itself to process, correct?

Can anyone troubleshoot this?


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I had updated MaxBulk Mailer, and this is the version of MLM that came with it. The code and templates do look extremely outdated, however. These are the top lines of the lm.php file.
* Maxprog List Manager (MLM)
* -------------------
* started on : Friday, Feb 09, 2007
* last updated on : Friday, Nov 29, 2019
* copyright : (C) 2008 - 2019 - Stan Busk, Max Programming, LLC
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