1. T

    MLM subscribe page submit leads to 404, and doesn’t subscribe.

    Copied subscribe-single-selection.php, renamed, but did not alter it. On submittal flashes a redirect page quickly then goes to subscribe_single_fixed.php and shows a 404. The script subscribe-single-fixed.php is there, but notice the underscore vs. hyphen! Where is that even coming from? It’s...
  2. Marcelo V

    Using MLM if my site is on Wix and I do not have mail server. Amazon SES maybe?

    Hi @stanbusk I have a question about MLM. My webpage is created on Wix. My email server in Locaweb (a mail service in Brazil) where I can send and receive email. I just bought Maxbulk Mailer tested sending an email out and it worked fine, but now I'm trying to figure out how to get open...