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MaxBulk Mailer 8.7 release


Staff member
New MaxBulk Mailer v8.7 has been released today. This is a free update for all v8 users with an update plan.

MaxBulk Mailer is a bulk mailer software and an e-mailmerge tool for macOS and Windows that allows anyone to send out customized offers, press releases, price lists or any kind of text or HTML message to a list of subscribers, friends or customers.

What's new in this release:

- We have embedded Ace, an HTML editor with Syntax highlighting (https://ace.c9.io) into MaxBulk Mailer.
- Message formats no longer share text fields.
- The Web Page format now offers an alternative text field.
- It is now possible to delete all the attachments from the list.
- It is now possible to activate/deactivate attachments. Deactivated attachments are not sent.
- The Preview 'Show Source code' feature now shows the code with Syntax highlighting.
- Fix: Preview text size in now 14px if no font size has been set.
- Fix: An encoding mismatch error was sometimes displayed per error before delivery or when previewing.
- Fix: Line breaks not properly rendered in preview when using the Plain Text format.

Don't forget to read our small tutorial about sending beautiful e-mails with MaxBulk Mailer.


New Member
This update doesn't work on Mojave. macOS doesn't recognize MBM as an approved developer.