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Getting "Impossible to access" ERROR MESSAGE...please help!



I believe I've tried everything. I created both an SQL database AND ftp in my website and when I click 'Next' after all the information is correctly input, I'm getting an error saying that Either I'm not allowed to access the directory i created or it doesn't exist. I've triple checked and am not sure what I'm doing wrong... if i put the actual ftp address in full into the address bar, the site says I don't have permission to open that page...?


Re: Getting "Impossible to access" ERROR MESSAGE...please he

I haven't tried that yet because I was a bit confused about it, but after looking at it again I will give it a shot and advise if I get stuck :)


Re: Getting "Impossible to access" ERROR MESSAGE...please he

Dear Stan,

Still no luck. I'm pretty confused about what I'm supposed to have in both the MLM settings and the FTP settings. I set up an SQL database on my website's server and also set up an FTP account. Problem is, that when I go into Preferences in MLM and click on 'Diagnose' or 'Get Info' a login box pops up and asks me for the name and password for the server of my website domain. Is the URL in the preferences supposed to be an FTP domain? IE - ftp://holmesworldmedia.com/lm/lm.php ??

Or is that supposed to be the SQL database information in that field???

I can send the lm_settings doc if that helps. I think it is simply a matter of not being clear what information re username, host, password goes where...

Also have no idea what CHMOD means


Staff member
Re: Getting "Impossible to access" ERROR MESSAGE...please he

I believe you are confusing the MLM, FTP and mySQL credentials. MLM credentials are saved into the lm_settings.php file next to the lm.php file. FTP credentials are only used in your FTP software (or MaxBulk Mailer MLM installer) and are provided by your server administrator. Finally we have the mySQL credentials for the database yo connect to. Check all those credentials and make sure that are all right and in the right places. mySQL credentials are also stored in the lm_settings.php file. It is quite usual MLM users have problems with that at the beginning but hopefully this is something you have to do only once.

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