Extracting Email Addresses From MS Outlook - Windows 10


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Hi, your eMail Bounce Handler looks like it will do exactly what I need to get all those failed delivery emails from a Windows MS Outlook 2016 email box.

However, when I go to File>Dredge>From a Text File>MyBouncedEmails.txt, it starts processing, then after about 30 seconds it shows nothing in the Bounces portal.

I'm using the trial download file.

I'm using a txt file created as follows:
- I exported all the bounced emails from Outlook to a CSV file (which MS Outlook exports to an MS Excel file)
- I opened the MS Excel file and exported it via Export>Change File Type>Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file a txt file. I noticed the body of each email contains the critical To: [Failed Recipient Email Address] lines for each bounced email. eMail Bounce Handler failed to find any emails.
- I tried exporting to Save as Another File Type>Choosing Text (Macintosh) (*.txt) file and then Text (MS-DOS) (*.txt) and in both cases eMail Bounce Handler failed to find any emails. However, it did take longer to search through the Text (MS-DOS) .txt file but still nothing in the Bounces portal window area.

I hope you can help because I really want it to work and then I'll buy it. Thank you for your help with this.