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    Unhandled Response

    I changed my email password and updated it in my MaxBulk Mailer settings. But now I'm getting an error message, "Unhandled response" and the emails are not sent out. Please advise.
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    How Do Your Remove Templates

    1.No, that Library folder is located in my Computer folder. 2. But your question helped me find the solution :D 3. I searched my computer for my "home library" and couldn't find it. So, here's what I learned from the "help' menu: 4. And so, I located the HIDDEN library and found the...
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    How Do Your Remove Templates

    1. Yes, I'm using English version. 2. I cannot locate the file. I attached screen shots to help clarify.
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    How Do Your Remove Templates

    Still can't find the templates using your suggestion: [ ~/Library/Application Support/Maxprog/MaxBulk Mailer/My Templates ] 1. Next, I manually went to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support. And Maxprog is not listed there! 2. I tried searching my computer, using these terms, and still...
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    How Do Your Remove Templates

    I've been a long time user of MaxBulk Mailer, consequently I have created numerous templates, many of which I no longer use. How can I remove these templates from my files? Fyi--I use a Mac OS X v10.7.1 and I've tried locating these templates via a general search on my computer, but I still...
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    Problem with Importing Recipients

    Thank you! Great instructions. I'm just not sure how these people got on the BlackList...but at least I know how to fix it :D
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    Problem with Importing Recipients

    I'm a long time user of MaxBulk Mailer and encountered a problem I've never experienced: When I try to import recipients from my excel spread sheet, they are pasted with strike-though lines in each data column (Name, email address etc). And MaxBulk Mailer won't send to these recipients. Here's...
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    Problem with Tag [Firstname] in Subject

    I just upgraded to MaxBulk Mailer (7.5), but I'm having a problem with my tags in my email templates. I customize my emails by putting the person's name in the subject line [Firstname], which worked beautifully with my previous MaxBulk Mailer version. But since the upgrade,the actual tag...
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    Web Page - Page Break?

    I'm having the same Problem--can't add text with Web Page I've been trying to add a personalized message with the web page, but I'm not able to add any text/message. Hitting the return key does not work for me either! Please advise Thanks! Evelyn
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    Where Are Scheduled Emails?

    I scheduled a batch of emails to be sent out. I want to change the schedule date, but can't find where/how to do this. Please advise! THANKS