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    Hi billleech, what is it that your trying to do if I may ask?
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    Issues sending emails via Office 365 Exchange

    How about enabling SMTP authentication here?
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    Burs mode.

    Just curious, in cases like this, is it better to create a support ticket instead?
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    Deleting Templates

    Thanks, so no need to delete this on the application itself? I mean, this wouldn't cause any problems or issues, correct?
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    Maxbulk quits all the time

    Were there any changes made prior to getting this issue? If there were no upgrades done on this version, I think something must be modified in this application itself. Settings perhaps?
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    subscribing in different languages

    Just to clarify, do you mean a separate page for German and English? If it is, I think you need to create a new script here but not entirely sure of it though.
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    Searching the manual

    Not really sure on what you meant by this but can you please explain briefly? The post seemed to be so long and I people could easily get lost on it.
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    Gmail extra quotes if recipient name contains utf-8 chars

    Re: Gmail extra quotes if recipient name contains utf-8 char This should help you out. Got this from google help site. ... swer=22841
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    How To set Microsoft Exchange Server on Max Prog??

    You need to give some for us to have clues on what's causing this. Any error message as well? There's a similar conversation here but it's still open by the way. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6231&start=0
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    comcast limits

    Most email providers imposed these limits since it will be tagged as a possible spam attack. Research about using your own SMTP server. This is the one used for sending emails.
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    struggling to get my csv that contains url to keep full url

    Re: struggling to get my csv that contains url to keep full This looks like a minor bug to me. I would be interested on a work around for the meantime please.
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    Sending email rate

    Possibly, when doing this sending process, the server could be busy with other process as well. Any updates from your provider so far?
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    Deactivated accounts on Queries page

    It is also possible that it may not have been refreshed yet. Are those accounts still visible?
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    pulling the user id (fld_id) to use in the email

    Hi. Sorry but I don't know where to start doing this. Is there a sample job online similar to this?
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    Thanks for clarifying. I had this thought too.