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eMail Verifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

Using eMail Verifier results
You can use eMail Verifier results for example saving the bad e-mail addresses in order to batch delete them from your master list for example using MaxBulk Mailer.

Proceed this way:

1.- Test your list with eMail Verifier.
2.- Save the bad e-mail addresses to a file named 'DELETE' or 'DELETE.txt'.
3.- Load your master list with MaxBulk Mailer.
4.- Drop the DELETE file over the recipient list.

This is far the best way to use eMail Verifier but you can also choose to save the good e-mails and use them directly. Note that the output file format is the same as the input format.

After cleaning your list and sending your message you may be surprised with bounces (delivery errors). This is because as explained here eMail Verifier can't detect all the bad addresses. Those bounces can be easily processed with eMail Bounce Handler, a tool that can scan your mail box, locally or remotely, and create a clean list of bad e-mail addresses. Using both eMail Verifier and eMail Bounce Handler is explained here.

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