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Become a Maxprog affiliate

We support affiliates through RegNow!

Become a Maxprog affiliate and earn great commissions on all our products right now. We are giving an amazing 50%! (that rate may be modified but will never be less than 25%. You will alway be notified by email in case of changes).

Sign-up now at http://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=4972

New paragraph Why be a RegNow Affiliate?

RegNow is the ordering center for thousands of software products. These products are available for you to link to and make money when someone orders through your website! What does this mean? You have the opportunity to create your own store to sell hot products from your own site and make a commission for doing so.

The RegNow Affiliate Network - one of the elite programs that allows you to promote 'try before you buy' programs.

Every product that we sell has a trial program that allows people to download and evaluate the program before making a purchase. We will provide you with ordering URL's that are unique to your store. Then, every time a customer orders from your URL, you will get a commission for the program sold.

New paragraph What are the costs of being part of the RegNow Affiliate Network?

Nothing! You sign up, your account is created and your links are created instantly. You make money when you make sales. You will have your own real-time reporting pages so that you can see your account balance anytime. From these pages, you will be able to add and remove products you wish to sell. Feel free to use our banners. You can sit back, watch the sales come in, and receive your commission checks. It's really that simple!

New paragraph Ok, fine, but how can I make sure I get my commision?

Well, creating a page with 'Buy' and 'Download' buttons is fine but it is not perfect since the customer may not click on your 'Buy' button but on your 'Download' button. As a result he will download the software and purchase it direclty from the application without your affiliate ID. You will have to tell the installer what your affiliate ID is by performing one more step. That will ensure the application built-in store will include your Regnow affilicate ID during the purchase. The procedure is slightly different for Mac products and PC products. It is actually very simple for PC products:

New paragraph Promoting a PC/Windows product: Just use this special download URL:


Where FILE_NAME is the product file name (or the full URL at Maxprog) and AFFILIATE_ID is your regnow afiliate ID. For example, for MaxBulk Mailer and Affiliate ID 123456:



Make sure you write the product file name or URL correctly. Try the URL, it should download the product installer with your affiliate ID attached. In the example above it would be: MaxBulkMailer_setup_123456.exe When that file is launched on a PC the software will be installed as usual but the purchase buttons inside the application will all point to Regnow and will include your affiliate ID. No error is possible, you will always get your commision, guaranteed!

New paragraph Promoting a Mac product: It is a bit more complex that with PC products since Mac products don't have an installer, they come as disk images. As a result you will have to download the product from our server, decompress the disk image, add a file to it and compress it again. Then you will have to store the new file on your own server. This is the step by step procedure:

- Download the product Disk Image from our server.
- Launch Disk Utility.
- Click on the 'Convert' button.
- Select the Disk Image file you have downloaded and click on 'Convert'
- Add '_temp' (or whatever ) to the 'Save As' name, set 'Image Format' to 'Read/write', set 'Encryption' to 'none' and click on 'Save'.
- Double-click the new disk image you have created to mount it and open it.
- Add a Plain Text file labeled 'Regnow' into the folder labeled with the application name, containing your affiliate ID. It is recommended to create that file with TextWrangler (free).
- Once done, launch Disk Utility and click on the 'Convert' button.
- Select the Disk Image file you have just modified and click on 'Convert'.
- Remove '_temp' (or what you added) from the 'Save As' name, set 'Image Format' to 'Compressed', set 'Encryption' to 'none' and click on 'Save'. You will overwrite the version you downloaded from our server.
- Store this new file on your server and link it to your download buttons.

Try if everything works as expected. Do what a user would do and try to purchase a license from inside the product. You should be directed to Regnow and your affiliate ID should appear in the URL. No error is possible, you will always get your commision, guaranteed!

Now go promote the products and earn money with us! Well, avoid sending spam, we actually hate UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) and SPAM since it can have a very negative impact on our company. As an Affiliate we ask you to avoid using spam in your marketing. Also do not add our products to file directories that are not yours, we reserve the exclusivity to place our products in file directories as the creators of the products. You are free to run Google ADWords campaigns or similar though.

If you have problems you can contact us here.

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