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Delivery - MaxBulk Mailer v7 User Guide | Bulk e-mail and mail-merge

Delivery - MaxBulk Mailer v7 User Guide

Bulk e-mail and mail-merge

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

8.- Delivery

You have the choice between sending your message to all the recipients available in your list or to only part of it. By default, if you click on the 'Send' button at this point you will send your message to all the recipients in the currently selected list, however you surely have needed to send out a message to a reduced bunch of people. Perhaps because you don't want to abuse your ISP server or you simply need to stagger out your deliveries over several days or sessions to avoid getting flooded with responses or bounces. We've found through experience that staggering out the delivery of a message significantly increases your ability to handle responses and bounces more efficiently. MaxBulk Mailer allows you to do that from the delivery panel. You can choose to send to All (Default) or to the next xxx pending recipients. You can also perform a partial delivery selecting a bunch of recipients and using the 'Delivery | Send | To Selection' menu or the 'Delivery | Partial Delivery' menu. Remember that MaxBulk Mailer will only send your message to the recipients that are checked, subscribed, not blacklisted and undelivered.

Once you are ready, click on the 'Send' button, MaxBulk Mailer will then commence sending your message displaying a log of the transactions with the server. Depending on your settings, it will send one at a time or a batch of them. Either way, you'll get to see it communicate with your SMTP server and the responses it gets back.


Note that MaxBulk Mailer has a Test Mode. If you have activated that Test Mode, MaxBulk Mailer will send the message(s) to yourself only. Indeed, it is possible to send a message to all your recipients or a selection of recipients exactly like a real delivery but messages will not be sent to the recipient addresses but to an address of your choice. That means you can simulate a real delivery with real data redirecting all the messages to yourself. In order to toggle between 'Test Mode' and regular delivery mode use the 'Message | Test Mode' menu. Once you receive your test message(s) and if all is as expected, you can deactivate 'Test Mode' and click on the Send button again to get your message delivered to all your recipients for real.

Depending on if you check "Singly" or not, MaxBulk Mailer will send the message once to all the list members or one message per recipient in the list. You have to keep this option checked if you want the tags to be processed and replaced with each recipient's data.

During the delivery MaxBulk Mailer updates each recipient delivery status. In fact, delivered and undelivered recipients can be distinguished easily, looking at their icons. A Card icon means the message has not been delivered yet, a Paper plane icon means message has been delivered and a Stop icon means an error occurs when processing the recipient.


This allows you to stop and resume a delivery without sending duplicates, already delivered recipients are automatically discarded. This information is saved with your document so if you decide to stop and resume later, just open it back and click on the Send button again, already delivered recipients are also automatically discarded.

A delivery report is automatically sent to you by email showing how many messages have been sent, how many were successful and how many failed. The failures are based on those that the SMTP rejected immediately, often because the recipient's domain name didn't exist. It doesn't include bounces - those where the user didn't exist or had a full mail box. You'll get this back as separate email over the period of a few days.

The Delivery Report looks like this:

MaxBulk Mailer Delivery Report [#2,247] - 10/27/08

     Mailer version: 6.0-US Pro - Registered
   Machine OS/speed: Mac OS 10.5.5 Leopard/3Ghz

            Streams: 5 [5 Used] Single Server
      Delivery mode: Singly (Tag processing ON)

SMTP server address: [Port: Default] SSL Off
     Authentication: ESMTP (Login) | stan-g5-quad.local
             Groups: All at once [Interval: None]

Delivery start date: 12/7/04 at 1:01:55 PM
           End date: 12/7/04 at 1:03:24 PM
     Total duration: 1 minutes and 29 seconds - Retries:0/10
               Rate: 1.72 recipient(s)/second

      to a total of: 152 recipient(s) [152 of 152]
          List name: Customers
              where: 152 sent successfully

       Mail subject: [PR] MaxBulk Mailer 5.0
      Mail priority: Low
     Return receipt: no
        Mail format: Plain text | ISO-8859-1 | quoted-printable
          Mail size: 10.89 KB (Doesn't include attachments)
        Attachments: none


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Stan Busk Stan Busk
March 22, 2020

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