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eMail Extractor

User Guide

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

2.- Getting Started

It's relatively easy to harvest addresses from an email software folder or from any text file. When it comes to harvesting, you can either harvest only from the sender's address or you can harvest from the entire message. The advantage of harvesting from the entire message is that if someone sends something to you and eight other people, you'll get the sender's address as well as those of the seven other people. The disadvantages of harvesting from the entire message are that you'll get more junk addresses on your list, and you are more likely to have your newsletter seen as spam by people who have never corresponded with you. On the other hand, if your newsletter is going to be inspirational, for example, and you've received inspirational messages in the past that were addressed to 40 people, then those people might also appreciate your newsletter.

eMail Extractor is a very fast product for harvesting from your entire inbox. You just need to export all your messages into a text file and harvest from that. The harvested addresses go into a text file, with one address on each line and no duplicates. If you are harvesting from several files, be sure to save the harvested text files with different names or you'll overlay your previous file.

eMail Extractor is extremely easy-to-use and straightforward. Just drop your file(s) directly over the eMail Extractor application icon or double-click eMail Extractor and drop your file(s), folder(s) or URLs over the main window (or use 'Open' menu to select a file to process).

By default eMail Extractor creates an output file with all extracted email on the same folder as the original file and names it with the ".emails" extension. In addition you can modify eMail Extractor behavior editing the preferences.

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