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That's the last straw...

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That's the last straw...


Last week I talked about the Apple Stores and not only what I think about them but what they really are, everything but stores selling computers. Today was the last straw! Apple has made there new iMac Pro available for orders thru the internet with prices starting at $6’000 and up to $15’000 for full equipped configs. Uh? Really?

Sorry all but I am flipping out. What can that be possible? An iMac for $5’500! Wow, I hope you will become an Apple VIP member with such a price. I have been using Macs for 3 decades, they have always been somewhat pricy, but I believe it's gone beyond the limits, Apple is completely out of control. Oh yes, maybe the processor and the graphic card are expensive, in such case I would expect a very different type of computer, something modular, not a all-in-one computer like the iMac. In case of a failure of the screen or the graphic card you need to rush to an Apple Service and pray they will attend you right away. My nearest Apple Service is 80 miles away from my office. That’s crazy when you are a profesional, you depend on your computer and you manage lots of private info.

I hate all-in-one computers for the reasons exposed above and they are an awful choice for any professional. I know people that have run into problems with the screen and the graphic card and they lose days of work. That will not happen to me, I don’t want that to happen to me so I will never purchase that kind of machine. I have enough with Apple Laptops. I really wonder why Apple release such type of stupid products. That’s not serious, really. This is not what people expect from Apple.

What I expect is a real Mac Pro, not that trash can as the one they released a few years ago. Something really modular you can expand as you need. What we had in the past actually. It is funny but things are getting worse has time goes by. I would like to have known that a decade ago. Apple doesn’t have a single product that is worth it, not a single one. Not even the Mac Mini I use, not even that expensive Macbook Pro with the touch bar. Apple only release expensive closed boxes and I am starting to be fed up of them and there silly decisions. People don’t care of the thickness of their computer, why do they think otherwise? Maybe because there current user base is made of decerebrated fashion followers? Really worrying!

Well, our future if dark. We will have to pay huge amounts of money if we want to continue to use a Mac. That’s a fact. It’s Disappointing.

Stan Busk - Software Engineer
at www.maxprog.com

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