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Array of arrays

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Array of arrays


In PHP you can use arrays of arrays. This is a very convenient way to store data for later manipulation. This is an example of an array with 2 web records:

$urls = array();

$url = array( "Full" => "[URL]Maxprog[/URL]",
              "URL"  => "",
              "Text" => "Maxprog"
$urls[] = $url;

$url = array( "Full" => "[URL]Apple[/URL]",
              "URL"  => "",
              "Text" => "Apple"
$urls[] = $url;

You can format the output this way:

foreach( $urls as $url ){
    echo "<a href=\"". $url['URL'] . "\">" . $url['Text'] . "</a><br>\n";

The result will be:

<a href="">Maxprog</a><br>
<a href="">Apple</a><br>

You can try this code here.

And in order to get the keys and values:

foreach( $urls as $url ){
    foreach( $url as $key => $value ){
        echo "{$key} => {$value}\n";
    echo "\n";

The result will be:

Full => [URL]Maxprog[/URL]
URL  =>
Text => Maxprog

Full => [URL]Apple[/URL]
URL  =>
Text => Apple

You can try this code here. I have used this approach lately in new Maxprog Knowledge-base system, in order to format parts of the messages depending on their types.

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