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Why is PayPal so slow to refund?

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Why is PayPal so slow to refund?


If you have contacted us to get a refund thru our refund page we usually process your request in a few hours. If you have contacted any of our card processors directly either to get a refund or to open a claim we will accept your request as fast as we can. In either cases as soon as the refund has been initiated you have to wait for the process to clear. It can take from a few minutes to a week for the fund to be back to your bank account.

Why is PayPal so slow to refund?

When you pay us it is never instant, paypal credits us for you and then starts the process of uploading your funds from your funding source.

If we refund before that payment has completed then you have to wait till it clears through to paypal then the refund is credited to you. If the refund is done at a later date and the payment has processed then we can only refund via an echeque or funds in our paypal balance, if its the former then it takes up to a week to process through to paypal and then they credit you.

This is because paypal use electronic and not wire transfers which is the slower, and why they credit the seller for you so you don't have to wait and get your item more quickly.

Stan Busk - Software Engineer
at www.maxprog.com

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