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MaxBulk Mailer 8.6.2 (beta) - Custom attachments


One of the new features of MaxBulk Mailer 8.6.2 is the possibility to send custom attachments. For example let's imagine we have a list of 100 student's fathers email addresses and we need to send their kids report cards. We have 100 pdf documents with a unique title and each has to be sent to the right address. Before 8.6.2 the only way to do that was adding the 100 files to the attachment panel and using a long and complex conditional statement. To fully meet this requirement a new feature was needed, we simply call it "custom attachments". The idea is not only to provide a way to perform such type of delivery but to make it as simple, straightforward and reliable as possible.

For the occasion the attachment panel had to be simplified so all the buttons and menus have been removed. Now we only have a list box with a '+' icon in it (and a splitter bar right below to set its height). To add an attachment just click on the '+' button and select a file.

Once the file has been added to the list you will see a double arrow icon on the left of the attachment icon, click on that to see the new options. You can now replace the file name by something like [Opt1].pdf. Then on the recipient list add the file names, without the extension in the Opt1 column. If you want to add the full name with the extension then edit the attachment name and set it to [Opt1]. Finally if your attachment is a picture you can even place it in the message by dragging and dropping the attachment from the attachment list to the message.

Attachment tags also support a default value, the format is [tag_name|default_value] like for example [Opt1|generic].pdf, that means 'generic.pdf' will be sent when the Opt1 tag has not been set. You can use any common tag, opt tags, date tags or whatever... even a combination of them.

Go to the Preview panel, there is a new 'attachments' line below the header lines. Try the beta version and see by yourself it is available here: macOS | MS Windows

Any comment/suggestion/feedback is welcome!

Stan Busk - Software Engineer
at www.maxprog.com

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