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How can I transfer my lists and accounts between two computers?


MaxBulk Mailer offers a very simple way to transfer settings between computers. With settings I mean everything, Preferences, E-mail Accounts, Recipient Lists, Templates, Favorites, Pictures and the Delivery History. You can actually choose what to export, create a transfer file, move that file to the other computer or to your Dropbox folder and then import it into the other MaxBulk Mailer copy. With that feature you can:

- Transfer settings between your desktop computer and your Notebook

- Transfer settings between you and your colleagues computers

- Keep several computers synchronized, manual synchronization thru Dropbox

but also:

- Create backups of your settings, lists, accounts...

- Switch between setting sets in case you send messages for your clients

Exporting your settings

To export your MaxBulk Mailer settings to a file just select the File > Settings > Export menu.

Select what settings to export

You will get a window offering you to select what settings you want to export, the MaxBulk Mailer Preferences, the E-mail Accounts, the Recipient Lists, the Templates you have created, your Favorites, Pictures used in messages and the Delivery History. By clicking on the Export button, you will be asked to set the output file name and the destination folder. You can save the file to Dropbox.

Move your setting file where you need it

A single output file is created with all the selected data packed in. You can then copy that file to the other computer. If you use Dropbox just use it on the other computer.

Importing your settings

Launch the other MaxBulk Mailer copy and select the File > Settings > Import menu. You select the file and you get again a window but that time offering you to select what settings you want to import. The choices are the same but a choice may be disabled if it was not exported in the first place. Note that the File > Settings menu will list the last imported settings file, that is to be used when switching between several setting sets locally.

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