Why am I stuck with V 7.5.3 ?


New Member
Hello, I bought a 3 year update plan in 2017 (PO #P2017002054) for the iCash software that I run on my iMac. Yet recently found out, when I upgraded to the Mojave OS of Apple, that the version 7.5.3 of iCash I have is 32bits only, and will not be supported by the following - 64bits only - version of the Mac OS software... I looked for available upgrades of my version, but the current 7.6.x version of iCash that supports 64bits is not proposed. Something looks wrong ... Help please !


Staff member
We released the 64bit version of iCash a couple of weeks ago because it takes times and work to get them ready. You can simply download and start using the 64bit version. Following the informations I got about your account, your update plan expires mid 2020.

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