which Email Relay Service is the best?


We would like advice on who you recommend as an Email Relay Service.

We send out 100,000 email newsletters a month.

Currently we use UnifiedEmail.net
But our success rate has been declining. :?
Though, I will say that UnifiedEmail’s customer service has been outstanding!

We have been using MaxBulk Mailer since 2004. :D
And are very familiar with MBM and MLM (Mail List Manager.)

Recently we have seen the “success rate of actual deliveries landing the inbox” - which we measure by the MLM stats of Opening Rate - decline substantially compared to the long vibrant historical stats of our newsletter...

Even though we have spent a lot of time making our records correct.
The following check out all good:
:mrgreen: SPF Records
:mrgreen: Signed DKIM
:mrgreen: DNS settings
:mrgreen: Sender ID

So, we are contemplating changing up the our email relay service.

Which Email Relay Service do you LOVE?

Our budget is $100 per month.

noob question: if the OP is saying people are not *opening* the emails any more, isn't it impossible to say whether this is because the emails aren't reaching the inbox, or just maybe people ignore them once there?


Thank you Stan for the very helpful list of Email Ralay Services!

I am hoping that other MBM/MLM users will chime in on which Email Relay Services they specifically like and why.

- Unified Email
- Authsmtp
- Amazon SES
- RealSender
- SMTP.com
- MailJet
- SendGrid
- Email Server Hosting
- Mandrill



Stan, we host MLM (click-thru auto tracking) on a MySQL on a Dreamhost server (not our own private server that host our email and our website.)
reference link https://www.dreamhost.com

Because that server is a world wide group server, it’s IP address is constantly being flagged and blacklisted.

I am wondering if that *Dreamhost MBM/MLM MySQL server* is negatively affects us when we use MLM click-thru auto tracking?

We take our clean links... in our email newsletter...

but then use MBM/MLM and all those links are “Click-though tracking re-encoded” to run through our MLM on the MySQL Database on a “somewhat blacklisted” Dreamhost server.

do you think that is getting us blocked - affecting our success rate of landing in inboxes?
is it no big deal?

As a test, we always test our email newsletter at

mail-tester.com never gives us a bad score for the links being re-encode from the MySQL Database on the “somewhat blacklisted” *Dreamhost MBM/MLM MySQL server*.

But maybe, the recipient servers are shutting down those emails because they trace the links to the shady Dreamhost server instead of our squeaky clean personal server.

What do you think Stan?
Would love to hear you thoughts!

Thanks! SAW


Staff member
Do you know why MLM is called MLM everywhere but in the product itself? Indeed we use LM. Just because the word MLM is evil. It also stands for Multi-level marketing. As a result the recipient mail server can increase your message spam score if it detects that particular word in a URL for example. The same can happen indeed if you use URLs in your message that point to a blacklisted domain, it may increase the spam score. You may read this article: https://glockeasymail.com/email-marketi ... s-blocked/

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No, I did not know that.
Thanks for the insight.

The place that MLM resides on my Dreamhost server is:

maybe I should change:

Do you agree?

Also, it sounds like having MLM MySQL reside on a clean personal server (instead of Dreamhost) is a good idea too. Am I understanding correctly?