what are thoughts on mailing to “catchall” addresses


I going to use a Mail Cleaning Service to clean up bad addresses from our mail list. Most of these companies are advising against sending to “catchall” aka “accept all” addresses. Do you agree or disagree?

btw, I am a huge fan of eMail Verifier by MaxProg! :D

We us it all the time. The Mail Cleaning Service will be used in addition to eMail Verifier.

Definitions from 4 Mail Cleaning Services

These emails have been deemed as "Accepts-All". A server that accepts all email means that the hostname has been set to accept any mail. This could also mean the email address in question may be a spam trap. This is commonly seen in business email addresses and in many cases, the server will accept all mail and then bounce it back to sender, which in turn hurts the sender's IP Reputation. We do not recommend sending to the "Accepts-All" category. All emails with a grade of B should be segmented (until later confirmed valid).

Some domains accept all email you to send to them, even if the email address is not valid. After an email is sent, the recipient mail server may silently discard the message or send a bounce message after the fact. In these cases, Kickbox cannot guarantee an email will be delivered to a user's inbox. Sending to an Accept All domain may increase your bounce rates and/or lower your open rates. Therefore, use a degree of caution when sending to Accept All domains.

This is also known as an “accept all”. This is a domain-wide setting where all emails on this domain will be reported as a catch-all. There is no definitive way to determine whether this email is valid or invalid.

A catch-all address is commonly used in small businesses to ensure a company receives any email that has been sent to them, regardless of typos. Additionally, these are also found in larger government, medical and educational organizations. Oftentimes these are infact valid emails. However some organizations may utilize this setting as a security feature to prevent unsolicited emails.
These are the Mail Cleaning Service we are considering using:
  • XVerify $400 / 100K
    Kickbox $400 / 100K
    Data Validation $300 / 100K
    NeverBounce $300 / 100K
    Quick Email Verification $320 / 100K

If you have used one of these companies, please share your experience.



As I understand it, the validation service acts like it is sending an email and talks to the recipient mail server, it goes through all the steps and then at the last step, it stops before actually sending and email. If there are any errors, they are reported.

As far as a spam trap, they keep a log of honey post, admin & general title inboxes.


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eMail Verifier does this actually but how do you know it is a spam trap? All you can know when you simulate a delivery is if the address is good or not, weird... really weird... a spam trap is a fully working address...

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