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Need troubleshooting for the Tag feature.

I insert Tags into Message. In the Preview mode, Tag is properly replaced by custom content from the Recipients page.

I send myself a Test email. When delivered, the email content displays the Tag name ("Opt 1") rather than the custom content desired.

I've used this product for a couple years without problem. Until now.

I'm using MBM 8.6.1 on Mac (10.13.1) with Apple Mail (11.1). My product registration is up to date.

Please advise on solution. Thank you.


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1) Yes, "singly" option is checked.
2) Yes, MaxBulk Mailer Pro is my version.

As a followup, I sent myself a "live" email, not a test, and the Tags were properly replaced with custom content. Hopefully that is my workaround solution.

Thank you.


Staff member
When sending in 'Test Mode' to yourself tags are not processed since there is no data to use, you have to send your message to someone in your list. In test mode the message will always go to your mailbox.

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