Strange performance

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Sometimes eMail Extractor v3.8.1 in Spanish works very fast, example video:

But sometimes it works very slow, example video:

I don't know why, another detail is that the format of the files when saving the results is very confusing, in the preferences it asks for a format, example:

But the moment I add files and it asks me where I want to save, it again gives me all these options:

Another detail is that when you want to add files for extraction:

It starts with the option to show the results of PDF files, I think it should start with the option "any file":

Thanks, I really like the program.


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The very only output format is Text '.txt'. eMail Extractor will never save results in another format.

All the list of files you see is what the software support, the type of files the software is able to extract emails from. They are filters. All files will show everything even if not supported.

About the slowness, I would need to know more. You can send me the file here:

Stan Busk - Software Engineer