Statistics Stalls


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I am having a problem with the statistics page loading data.
When I select a listed mailing, the little green bar on the right fills and then nothing. I cannot get a further action from the window and it must be closed.

The connection to the DB is working.
The web db interface works but it is less elegant and functional.
The data is going into the db.

What may be wrong?


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There are no sever errors or errors in the mysql logs.

Current Version 8.6
Data is going into DB.

Error is in loading of mailing data into maxprog statistic viewer.


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The command for getting statistics is:
Try to run it in your web browser. What do you get?

Form the MLM Doc: A command is made of parameters, 'cmd' is the command name and it is required. 'list' is the list name(s), 'email' is the email address involved in the command and 'pwd' is the administrator password. Optional parameters (or parts) are enclosed into brackets. Remove the brackets to include a parameter or remove the parameter and its brackets if you don't want to use it. Do not use a command with optional parameters enclosed into brackets. All commands are delimited with an ampersand but the first one. In fact the script name 'lm.php' is separated from its parameters with an interrogation sign. There is no specific order for parameters. Parameter '&list=list1[&list2;...]' means you can place one or several lists separated with a semicolon. Some optional parameters can change the command functionality.

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Thank you, this method does work and returns the results instantly.
The stats screen from the desktop application still stalls.
It did open a set of stats from the last mailing when left unattended for some time, but when asked to switch to another mailing it stalled again.

I have found a work around connecting to the db using the mysql odbc connector then linking to msaccess for some queries I wrote.

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